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A good leader is an effective decision maker. He or she makes decisions very effectively after thinking critically, and also includes others in order get more and better ideas before…
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Women as transformational leaders
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Women as Transformational Leaders Q Describe what leadership research reveals about the behaviors of effective leaders?
An effective leader shows interest in others basing on leadership research. A good leader is an effective decision maker. He or she makes decisions very effectively after thinking critically, and also includes others in order get more and better ideas before settling on the best. An effective leader thinks beyond constraints and challenges for continuous improvement. He or she tries to solve most problems. An effective leader recognizes hard work and commitment from others by awarding them like through promotions to encourage extra hard work and to retain talented employees. An effective leader demonstrates a passion for work and puts all the efforts by dedicating extra time to it.
Q 2. Name and describe one person you genuinely admire as a leader. Explain what you can learn from this person?
The person I genuinely admire as a leader is the managing director of the state’s health institution since exceptional changes have been observed. The institution was previously crowded; patients were never attended to, and the place was unhygienic. It had insufficient modern facilities as most machines were passed with technology, despite being the major referral hospital in the state. She has now transformed the place remarkably it is now clean, patients’ attendance has really improved, and the workers are treated better. The factor that encourages her is the stamina in which she took his work, and despite the frequent challenges, she has tried her best to beat the odds and is still working for greater goals. Her relation to his juniors is so amazing and, she is determined when it comes to his work, she has put everything he has to see a better health center improve.
Q 3. Analyze the importance of leadership development practices, such as challenging jobs assignments, coaching, mentoring, and leadership development programs?
Leadership development practices have many benefits. They help leaders gain more experience. When leaders undergo development practices, they gain a sense of duty, and this helps improves their performance. The practices also helps leaders have increased loyalty from the virtues they acquire, and this increases the productivity on the organization. It also helps a leader discover what he or she is good at and work on it to raise the standards of an organization.
Q 4. Explain the special significance of the above development practices for the development of talented women?
Women are not known much in the leadership circles since it is considered meant for men. Development practices help them succeed in various ways. They help women gain a sense of self-confidence. This helps them put down most of their burdens, which are more than men’s. An example is the fact that women tend to experience emotional difficulties more often and intensely than men do. The practices encourage women to accept opportunities and the inherent risks they bring once only associated with men. The practices help women gain material, logical, expressive and sacred strength that impels individual accomplishment. The practices also motivates women to discover what interests them and to push themselves to greater limits (Antanacopoulou and Bento, 2003-Burgoyne et al, 2004)
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