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The following paper 'Customer Service and Operations' focuses on Regina Wallace who is responsible for the overall service culture of the company that is, from developing the call centers for the company to supporting the technological infrastructure…
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Customer Service and Operations
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Soon they automated Customer Service Representatives, also known as Relationship Managers or RM who interact with customers through ‘High Touch Integrated Customer Desktop’.
Companies can retain their existing customers by giving them an unforgettable service experience, that’s what the management team of Juniper also did. In order to keeping customers as the first priority, it is necessary not only to implement a proper CRM program but also to build emotional bonding with customers. Emotional bonding is usually built by showing friendliness, empathy and courtesy while rendering services. These strategies can be much more effective than the conventional CRM technologies.
Wallace states that the credit of their success goes to the tight relationship between the marketing department and customer service. Unlike other companies where marketing tactics are difficult to be understood by customers, Juniper product managers closely monitor their campaigns on regular basis and RMs provide feedback to the marketing campaign in order to enhance the productivity and performance of campaigns. The bottom line of this advice is that there must be a close relationship between the customers and the marketing department of the relevant company.
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Implementing the strategy of being customer-centered satisfied a large number of Juniper’s customers. Consequently, the company received the Number One position in ‘Gomez Advisors’ Internet Credit Card Scorecard’. The company got this reputable spot by providing a timely and accurate response through e-mail and phone calls. According to Wallace, they do not impose a formal CRM program instead they try to instill the behavior of valuing customers in the culture of their company. Read More
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(Customer Service and Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 352 Words - 51)
Customer Service and Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 352 Words - 51.
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