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The paper “Usability of Rowenta Intensium Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner” evaluates an important home appliance for maintaining the hygiene of surfaces such as the floor and walls. The usability of the appliance is a highly imperative ergonomic ideology for the manufacturer…
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Usability of Rowenta Intensium Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner
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Download file to see previous pages It is widely thought that bag-less vacuums were developed just the recently, the features have been in use since time immemorial. The previous vacuums, for example, used bag-less qualities until about three decades ago, when the feature was discarded.  The manufacturers abandoned making bag-less vacuums on hygienic grounds.  The usability of such appliances was low. One had to remove the bag part off and empty the dirt in the garbage. This was a daunting task, especially when a dustbin or refuse disposal was not near. Additionally, the appliance’s use over time would result in the clogging of the filtration in the bag, following more dust accumulation (Gavriel, 2012). Most users were prompted to wash the cloth bag in order to achieve adequate efficiency when the cloth had become dirty. The current world has, however, seen the comeback of the bag-less vacuum. Rowenta Intensium Bag-less Vacuum Cleaner is arguably one such equipment that is as well-liked as before due to its effective usability qualities.
According to Gavriel (2012), the primary reason behind the widespread use of the appliance is that one does not need to purchase vacuum bags to operate it. This implies more savings on the part of the user. Additionally, as the chamber in which dirt collects becomes increasingly filled with dirt, it should just be removed and emptied in the refuse bin. Another advantage of using the Rowenta appliance is that any more accumulation of dirt in the chamber does not impact its continued functionality and that one can practically read the amount of dirt being absorbed by the vacuum cleaner, hence the ease to tell whether the appliance is functioning well, and the level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Usability of Rowenta Intensium Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner Assignment.
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