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The paper 'Nike Launches Two New Golf Clubs without Tiger Woods' presents Nike Company which has built a substantial business around Tiger Woods iconic image. The company heavily relied on Woods as a respectable family man and a true professional who uses Nike’s products…
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Nike Launches Two New Golf Clubs without Tiger Woods
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The on-going recession poses a serious threat to the expansion of sports businesses. The only option left is to increase its advertising and improving the quality of the service they give to their customers. Titleist and other competing companies dealing with golf products could have taken advantage of this by raising promotions targeting clubs currently buying from Nike. As quoted on the Wall Street Journal, “in 2009, sales of clubs and other support tools fell in by 11.9 %, which is three-quarters of total golf sales Bustillo” (web). However, two other Nike golfers won two crucial matches in the same year helping Nike to regain the lost credibility.
The drop in the golf sales and the recessionary period may hinder Nike to venture into new golf products, but this is advisable. Nike needs to work hard in rebranding Woods. This is one of the best ways of securing sales in the golfing market since Woods is still influential despite the presently tainted image. The idea of the introduction of new golf balls, t-shirts, and shoes that do not bear the old names that Woods used. They “Have you learned anything?” Commercials by Nike helped in gathering people’s views on the scandal after engaging them to respond. Nike was supporting Woods to rejoin his family and achieve both corporate and personal penance. This approach by Nike was not much of a help since the companies sales still went down.
According to the National Golf Foundation, there is a decrease in golf sports. Since 2000, the number of those involved in this sport fell from 26 million to 30 million. Additionally, the persons who played this sport for 25 times a year fell to 4.6 million in 2005 from 6.9 million in 2000 (Vitello web). Read More
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