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The paper "Changes in Business" discusses that innovation has been the driving force for change, through its consistent involvement in research for new technologies and integrating such changes in the organization. Corporate culture is a major obstacle for change within the organization. …
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Changes in Business
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1. Does evolutionary or revolutionary best describe the changes that have taken place in your organization? Evolutionary change best describes the change structure and strategy of IBM Information Technology Company. The company has developed a culture of change, by recognizing that culture enables business performance (Emerson, 32). The company obtains a commitment to change from all of its stakeholders before it embarks on introducing such changes. The IBM change strategy and practice are integrated within the IBM global business service (Emerson, 49). The company has adopted a gradual change strategy that allows the companies stakeholders to first understand and commit themselves to any prospective change before it is implemented. This way, the company ensures that the changes it seeks to undertake are well supported.
2. In what type of changes has (such as restructuring) has your business been involved? How successful have these change efforts been?
The company has been involved in organizational restructuring. For example in the year 2005, the company was involved in change restructuring of its workforce, to reduce its number of employees by 330, 000. Such changes were aimed at reducing expenses, removing the bureaucracy involved in its management and enable it to expand its operations to low-cost countries (Emerson, 81). Read More
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Changes in Business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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