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Skydome Arena: Value and Risk Management - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Skydome Arena: Value and Risk Management” the author provides an overview of the projected plan of Skydome arena, which has activities that have been overestimated. The percentage of each activity is given as a percentage of the total sum of money…
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Skydome Arena: Value and Risk Management
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Extract of sample "Skydome Arena: Value and Risk Management"

Download file to see previous pages Dundee arena has its substructure done as aggregate and isolated foundations but no permanency of the ice floor. As a result, the concrete used is more in order to hold the weight of the ice floor.
II. The framework for the Skydome arena is 9.4% of total cost and at £176.44 per m2 compared to 9% of Dundee Arena and £73.2 per m2. This gives a difference of 7.6% i.e. £103.24 per m2. The two arenas both adopt steel frames for the construction. The difference in cost per m2 has resulted from the large roof being constructed and which lacks intermediate columns. These types of roof spans are quite expensive to put up. The span for Skydome arena is therefore in excess of 60m as a result requiring more quantities of steel in the roof trusses. Therefore the basic estimate of 80kg per m2 of the gross floor area is projected. The amount of steel applied in Dundee arena is fewer kilograms per meter squared. This is highly unlikely to jeopardize the quality of the stadium. However, adjustment can be made as necessary bearing in mind the total weight of the whole arena. The 80kg steel per m2 can be reduced to 60kg per m2 or even less if intermediate columns are used instead for support.
III. The Roofing is 8.6% for Skydome arena at £161.46 per m2 as compared to 3% for Dundee Arena at £22.5 per m2. An overestimate of 5.4% on roofing at £139 per m2 is determined here. The roofing material and structure have deployed very expensive methods and materials. The roof for Skydome is intended to have partial composite construction with mastic asphalt for the plant area and clad with profiled metal decks on purlins. For the insulation, a PVC single-ply membrane and a vapor barrier are adopted plus a plywood base. All these materials are very expensive and should be substituted with cheaper materials while maintaining the quality of the roof structure. Dundee arena has adopted steel plates and metal cladding other than plywood and vapor barrier. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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