Improving the Human Resources Management of Bright House Nursing Home - Essay Example

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The author state that the five components of the HRM system give us way too many ideas on how to improve HRM in a particular business. For Bright House Nursing Home, Training and Development and Performance appraisal contribute a lot in the overall function and productivity of the business…
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Improving the Human Resources Management of Bright House Nursing Home
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Improving the Human Resources Management of Bright House Nursing Home Human resource management is a key role in an organization. It is important to lay out a solid plan on how to make the improvements successful and would benefit the employers and employees, at large. What complicates the improvement planning is the way the human resource managers balance the interest of the company and the employees.
Per the discussion, the five components of the HRM system give us way too many ideas on how to improve HRM in a particular business. For Bright House Nursing Home, Training and Development and Performance appraisal contribute a lot in the overall function and productivity of the business. Since the business provides care and attends to the needs of their patients, training and development plays a major role. A training needs analysis should be conducted thoroughly in order to identify the job-related needs of the employees such as proper way to handle emotions, dealing with disabled persons and the like (, 2011). Amongst the methods of training and development, real-life simulations and experiential training could benefit a Nursing Home since the care givers are constantly dealing with different people and different approach has to be given for specific instances. It satisfies both company and employees; cost-effective for the company while complacency for an employee to do his job with integrity (Jones, 2007, p.414).
Another way to improve HRM in a nursing home is to do performance appraisal and feedback. This is a good way to help employees achieve their goals and plan their performance in a measurable time. As such, Managers should set a time, say 6 months for a rank or salary increase, for caregivers to achieve their goals and have them evaluated whether they have reached their target at the end of the given time. 360-degree performance appraisal is the best way to do it to avoid biased judging and be able to give the employee what he deserves (Jones, 2007, p.416-419).
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