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Ergonomic Problems - Essay Example

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The following essay deals with the analysis of ergonomic problems. Admittedly, ergonomics comes from the Greek words "ergos" that means work and "nomos" that means the study of. It is the study of human capabilities and characteristics and how they relate to the workplace. …
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Ergonomic Problems
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Download file to see previous pages These are all influenced by the psychological/physiological and psychosocial capabilities, limitations, and dimensions of the person; layout, design, position, control, and distance of machine; temperature, lighting, humidity, noise, and vibration of the environment. Explain the role of anthropometrics when solving ergonomic problems
Anthropometrics enables the customization of machine controls, position, and design to adapt to the worker’s physical built, equivalent capability, and movements. Explain the role of biomechanics when solving ergonomic problems.
Biomechanics help the worker or humans properly adhere to the capabilities of machines through adaptable dynamics modified to the body components. List the categories of workstations
Workstation categories vary depending on the industry from engineering, manufacturing, business, robotics, and even homes. There are the computer workstations and music workstations. In the construction industry, these are Architectural Structures, Bricklayer, Building From Blueprints,
Carpenter, Cement Mason, Construction Measurement, Drafting (Mechanical), Drywall Installer,
Electric Motor Repair, Electrical Wiring / Electrician, Floor Coverings Installer, Glazier / Window Installation & Repair, Hydraulics, Insulation Installer, Landscape Design, Machinist, Painter, Plumber, Pneumatics, Power Mechanics/Small Engine Repair,
Residential Plumbing, Residential Wiring, Roofer, Sheet Metal Worker, Telecommunications Technician, Tile Setter, Wall Coverings Installer, Welder, and Woodworker stations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ergonomic Problems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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