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Key Developments in Airline and Automotive Industry and Respective Business Organization - Assignment Example

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This assignment is aimed at applying the theoretical side of the study of operations management to a real-world company. The writer will examine and evaluate how the key industry developments are contributing to improving the effectiveness of the operations of businesses…
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Key Developments in Airline and Automotive Industry and Respective Business Organization
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Download file to see previous pages It is about the various operations that are performed on the goods and services from the moment their production starts to the moment the customer receives it. Operations management consists of ten areas in which an operations manager has to make the right decisions so as to fit the company’s strategic vision with what the budget allows, and to achieve that competitive advantage too, all at the same time.
A strategy is the course of action that a company aims to take with respect to achieving a particular goal. The strategic fit would be when the company has very well integrated the firm’s mission as well as the strategies along with the internal capabilities that it has and the external environment that it has to survive in. thus, missions (what needs to be achieved), as well as the strategies (how it needs to be achieved), must be in alignment with what the company is capable of doing itself and how much the outside environment and externalities will allow it to perform. (Slack, 2005)
As far as operations management is concerned, the operations manager has to take decisions in ten critical areas. They are product design, quality management, process design, location selection, layout design, human resources, supply chain management, inventory, scheduling, and maintenance. When it comes to operations management, the operations manager has a wide variety of choices as to how to go about it. Operations management is all about increasing the productivity of the company, thus efficiency has to be present, along with effectiveness in the first place.
With the rise of competition, it can be said that new methods need to be found which will keep an air cargo company going and at least give him a place in the top cargo service providers of the country. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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