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Accounting System of a Firm - Essay Example

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A number of factors must be considered before an actual system design is applied.The experts that will work on the process,the procedures that must be undertaken as well as the resources must be present so as to ensure project success…
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Accounting System of a Firm
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Download file to see previous pages Certain step must then be followed in planning a systems development project plan. Typically, this procedure starts with the identification of the problems as well as the objective for conducting the project. Along with the identification of the capability of the organization to support the project, designing the system to be applied is then created. In order to ensure the efficacy of the designed system, this will undergo a series of tests and evaluation procedures. After which, the system is then installed. The process however does not stop here as the system will have to be monitored continuously. Furthermore, the employees who will be using the new system must be trained properlyThe process involved in a systems development project plan is indeed an essential tool that enables project developers and managers to ensure the efficacy of the system employed. The systematize process provides significant controls that helps in people and task management. Following a specific project plan also allows the project staff to identify potential problems that could arise. Thus, this organized procedure helps the staff to prepare alternatives and solutions that could address these possible problems.
In order to comprehend the process of implementing a systems development project plan, a case of a small accounting firm will be taken as an example. With the expert help of an IT consulting firm and a sixty thousand dollar budget, the firm intends to have a system that will integrate its main operations including administrative functions and report production. In this case example, the objectives of the project, the role of the project manager and the problems that could occur during the different phases of the project plan will be identified.
The small accounting firm aims to implement a systems development project. With this main goal, the firm intends to achieve the following objectives:
To design and apply an integrated system that will allow it to perform administrative functions and produce essential accounting reports
To develop a specific step-by-step procedure for the project's application
To implement an effective system development project within a limited budget
To have the system installed in eight weeks time
Though these established objectives will help in directing the project team, certain constraints could hinder their achievement. Time and budget for instance are significant constraints for this project. Within eight weeks, the integrated system must be installed in the firm. Unlike bigger corporations, smaller firms have fewer resources to support long term project plans. Thus, the project team must work rapidly so as to meet the deadline and avoid financial shortage. These factors in turn add more pressure to the project staff.
Putting the project team into much pressure can cause the members to prioritize time over quality, which can significantly affect the efficiency of the project. When the main objective of the project team is to finish the project on time, the long term success of the project may be negatively affected. Quality is also an important factor for a successful project. However, working under time pressure while maintaining work quality can be difficult and can burnout and stress among the participants (Gobeli, Gray & Larson, 1991). Time is indeed a major constraint in project management, especially when the firm expects to see the project results within an unrealistic time span (Baumgartner, 1979). Unrealistic work schedules can not only cause stress among the staff but can also affect their motivation to finish the project.
Handling people is also a major constrain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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