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Marketing Management - Case Study Example

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The Ford Mondeo and the Toyota Prius are both well know cars but the technology they offer are different from each other. While Toyota Pius is a hybrid car using a petrol engine along with an electronic motor, the Modeo still runs on petrol and diesel. But the changing environmental and economic scenario is creating newer realities for global auto companies and it is to be seen whether the value propositions of these two products remain the same or there is a change in it in tandem with the changing realities of today's age.
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Marketing Management Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages The 4Ps stood for product, price, place and promotion. The 'product' signifies the product which the business deals in or sells. Price is the monetary value which the consumer pays whereas the place is the location from which the consumer buys the particular product. Promotion literally stands for the marketing activities used in selling the product. Any business can do permutations and combinations with the 4PS in accordance with their objectives, both long term and short term. This concept looks from a seller's perspective (King K., 2002).
PESTLE- The PESTLE analysis looks at the different environmental factors which impacts a company or an organisation. The factors that are considered are political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. A proper analysis of these factors helps one understand and to form a perspective of the environmental factors which could have a bearing on the functioning and operations of a company (Elearn Limited, 2005).
The Toyota Prius engine is a hybrid between petrol and electric and the technology is called Hybrid Synergy Drive which signifies. This engine offers very high fuel economy and significantly low carbon dioxide emissions. System power output is 134 bhp. The car has acceleration from zero to 99.78kmph in 10.4 seconds. In terms of fuel economy the car gives 30.8kpl through its combined engine technology. When driven using the petrol technology the car produces 89g/km of CO2 which is even better than the existing Euro- emission rules. In the electric mode the car does not use or consume any fuel and has no emissions at all. The car offers duel technology uses and could be run on petrol engine or the electric motor exclusively. Again the car can use the combination of these two technologies to drive it. The engine is a combination of cutting edge technology and is an amalgamation of a generator, an electric motor and also a 1.8 liter petrol engine. This petrol engine is capable of producing maximum torque at lower rpm and this drives the fuel economy of the car especially during long distance travelling. The electric motor which is used in the car is 60KW motor. This motor is 20% more powerful than its previous generation and also smaller by 33% in terms of size. The battery used in the car is powerful enough which provides the car to drive on the electric motor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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