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Coursework of Management & Org. Behaviour - Case Study Example

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Organizational behavior can be defined as "it is the study and application of knowledge about how people as, individuals, and groups act in organizations" (Mullins, 2007). However according to the modern changes and development of the business organizations organizational behavior has been revolutionized and expanded in broad areas such as organizational culture, leadership, change management and organizational ethics…
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Coursework of Management & Org. Behaviour
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Download file to see previous pages In fact employees would perceive this as the quality of work life which directs on final outcomes as employee performance, motivation, individual satisfaction and personal growth and development in the organizational environment.
Business organizations are those legal entities that engage themselves in the production of a good or service with the intention of selling it for a profit and are much more focused on the long run survival in achieving organizational goals such as profitability, shareholder satisfaction, market share and share price growth, corporate governance, sustainability, market leadership and so on. Google being an internet search engine is focused on serving customers worldwide by managing its organizational functions in the light of its strategically advantageous position over the years by understanding of the main components of competitive advantage and how to sustain it and analysis of the behavioral challenges faced by the company in modern business environment.
Google indeed adopted some far reaching management practices to achieve organizational goals. The most powerful motivator of the workforce was the requirement to become shareholder of the company in addition to being an employee. Google's all employees served as equity holders with employee ownership. Next the company encouraged team work in which 3 to 4 employees were teamed together so that time waste in coordinating work effort could be reduced and employees would be motivated by team spirit. In addition to these employee friendly work practices and motivators a number of others were also adopted. In fact at Google, work teams tended to be smugly satisfied with their own performance in the absence of standards of reference. Performance of work teams has to be measured against relative performances of others and this requires common standards to be set up on a priority basis.
Broader level of employee participation, minimal hierarchy, in-house expertise and problem solving and job rotation practices were good measures but they were not backed by a system of performance-based metrics. However, with the ever increasing threat of competition in the market, management practices at Google were oriented towards creating a pleasant work environment with a set of well defined corporate goals. Despite Google's growth, its management is constantly considering and encouraging employee interaction and the exchanging ideas among all level of employees and across the departments.
However effective management practices must be aligned with organizational outcomes such as internal value chain enhancement, productivity and motivation parameters. Google is being practicing this kind of alignment in its strategy and policy with focusing on rewarding system for individuals and teams. HRM is a functional strategy that needs a freer organizational environment to develop into a code-based framework or model of convergence. Google's management practices were inherently flawed though it made some convincing efforts to identify workplace discontent issues and their implications for organizational outcomes. Organizational outc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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