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Motivation and Reward - Case Study Example

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Motivation is one of the important factors affecting human behavior. The level of motivation does not only affect perception and learning but it also affects the total performance of the individuals, as expressed by:
The motivation is also affected by various psychological factors discussed earlier, such as perception, learning, and personality…
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Motivation and Reward
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Extract of sample "Motivation and Reward"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major problems facing enterprises is how to get optimum results from the massive investments in these enterprises and the foremost problem among these is the problem of motivating human resources, problems of under-Utilization of abilities, frustration, instigated behavior, unfavorable job attitudes and low morale appear to prevail as much among managers and supervisors as among workers.
Motivation has been defined as the force that gives rise to a behavior. There are various factors that influence the behavior and among them the needs of the individual are most important (Douglas, 1997. p.52).
The main object of HRD philosophy is respect for the dignity of the worker as a human being and motivates his enormous potential for contribution and growth. HRD efforts have therefore to gain the confidence of the worker that he is seen as a member who is important to the organization. Proper communication plays a pivotal role to achieve results in this priority area. (Bhatia, 1999, p.52)
Normally, a worker feels a sense of belonging when the organization shares with him various company information. Shop communication forums at the work place enable information sharing with the grass-roots levels of the workforce. The forum' holds communication sessions in the shop on various aspects of the plant with information focus on production targets and performance of the shop, cost control, energy conservation and techno-economic factors, safety, housekeeping and various other thrust areas. Since the employees themselves communicate the information to their co-workers, a unified team throbbing with commitment and zeal to deliver results trades shape at the work place. (Bhatia, 1999, p.54)
Constraints are, however, faced in the vastness of the workforce. Due to vastness of the workforce, there may be some constraints, while implementing the programme. However, there is wide scope for increasing the ambit of the communication efforts and information sharing has to become an inbuilt managerial function in the shop floor.
(b) Workers Luncheon Sessions and the Performance Improvement Plan
Normally, in these sessions, the workers are invited to a discussion with the senior line managers of the shop on the targets and performance shot-falls/ assignments and encouraged to suggest improvements and highlight attention areas. (Bhatia, 1999, p.55) These discussions explore the latent potential of the silent workers in the shop and provide a forum for their self-expression and contribution to the process of collective decision-making.
2. Employee Facilities
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