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Out of the five contenders that bid for hosting the Olympics games, 2012; London was hailed as the winner of the bid. The candidates that got defeated by London in this stiff competition were Paris, New York, Madrid and Moscow. London has six years time to prove its competence in successfully hosting this sporting event of utmost importance…
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Sport Tourism
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"Sport Tourism"

Download file to see previous pages 24) that "globalisation has helped to create a setting in which English national identity has more sporting opportunities in which to express itself than at any previous point in history. The Olympics survived the Second World War, and have become consolidated as the premier multi-sport event in the world, with their winter version also increasing in popularity."
The Olympics and Paralympics 2012 have brought to the doorsteps of UK a tourism opportunity of great magnitude. In the process of welcoming the world in 2012, UK gets a chance of escalating the growth of its economy. As observed by Jowell, "between 50% and 75% of the economic benefits of the Games will accrue to tourism."
According to a report prepared by the International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) for the Commission on Sustainable Development, the UN Commission has set some principles for development issues in tourism. "These principles can provide basis for effective partnerships for sustainable tourism planning and development in local tourist destinations. (1999, p.10) The authorities responsible for the sport tourism development issues in London should consult these principles to achieve their goals.
They should pay attention to the development issues like trying to solve all problems before, during and after the development projects' implementation and evaluation phase. In addition to this they should try to focus their attention on issues like limits of developments, what needs to be paid attention to immediately and what can wait for some time. The ecological problems should also be paid attention to. In all this tourism development measures, the local people should not feel cut off. They should be made an integral part of the development procedures. Their problems like drainage, sewerage, infrastructure requirements etc. should be paid attention to because until and unless the problems of local people are solved; it is impossible to create a good atmosphere for tourists. If the available resources are not sufficient for the local people then how can the huge number of tourists be accommodated comfortably All the local bodies, even those belonging to the grassroots level should be encouraged to participate actively in the sport tourism development issues on the eve of the 2012 games.
Apart from the above mentioned issues it should be clear that the development should not be at the cost of degradation of environment and local culture. Environment and culture are the wealth that will attract more and more tourists to the host destination.
Impacts and implications for hosting the London 2012 Games
There will be a favourable growth of GDP in London when the 2012 games are held but this implies that the rest of UK will not benefit as all the resources and attention will be directed towards the host city. London will have a favourable impact in not only GDP but in other areas too. Unfortunately the implications of the positive impact upon London will be that, the rest of the areas of UK will experience a negative impact. For example all the investments in infrastructure, social work, beautification and creation of new jobs would be restricted to London and as a result the rest of the UK will remain untouched of the benefits. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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