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Management Simulation - Assignment Example

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The paper gives information about management simulation. The author claims that the laws regulating businesses have increased and have become stricter in the recent years.  A major development is that of introduction and the recent increase from 17.5% to 20% in the Goods and Service Tax…
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Management Simulation
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Extract of sample "Management Simulation"

Download file to see previous pages The market is forever growing and the demand for fast food is increasing with the changing lifestyles. In times of recession and extremely high inflation, people tend to reduce their expenses as much as is possible. Fast food restaurants thrive in times like these for they provide food at comparatively lower prices and whatever the socio-economic environment is like, people have still got to eat.
People living in the United Kingdom live a lifestyle that is fast paced and extremely busy. As such, people do not have the time to sit around and wait for an order in a restaurant. Food outlets gain popularity based on how quick and efficient their service is. 
Another factor that needs to be given special attention is the increasing orientation towards healthy foods. People now are extremely health conscious especially due to the increasing obesity issue. Fast food restaurants are known for producing high-calorie food that is not very healthy. A new pizza place will have to consider all these factors before starting operations.
Seemingly, technology doesn’t have much to do with food but that’s not true. Technological implications on the food industry are quite wide. The extremely high internet usage and increasing trend home deliveries mean that restaurants need to have excellent websites that can attract customers and convince them to place orders. Once the order-taking is computerized, billing systems will need to be aligned with technology as well.
There are increased regulations on food producers to follow strict standards of safety so that the customer has no doubt or apprehensions about the standards or quality of food they are consuming.
The fast food outlets that are well known for serving meat products need to be extremely careful of activists rallying against mistreatment of animals in slaughter houses. Proper measures need to be taken to ensure these individuals that the food outlet is paying special attention to animal care.
It is also important to realize that in toady’s extremely environmental conscious consumer, a restaurant paying special attention to environment has an extremely good public image. The food industry is no exception to the rule. Environment friendly packaging and reduced use of plastics as well as introduction of recyclable tissue papers have worked extremely well in establishing different outlets as house hold names for now the consumers are ensured that the food they are eating is not harmful for the environment.
The fast food industry has to strictly comply with all the appropriate Health and Safety guidelines related with food. Failing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management Simulation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
“Management Simulation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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