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Family and Child Clinic Feasibility Study - Term Paper Example

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Family and Child Clinic will start as a small non-profit clinic. Being a new organization, I will therefore incorporate it so as it can be part of a small piece of a larger hospital. This will ensure that the overall net worth of the clinic increases…
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Family and Child Clinic Feasibility Study
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Download file to see previous pages The incorporation will help the clinic avoid loads of costly asset purchases and other time-consuming needs such as assignment of leases. Budgets for marketing might be trimmed as the larger hospital will undertake the marketing costs.
Knowledge and Expertise
Incorporation will help the new clinic make use of highly trained and skilled health professionals from the larger hospital. Development departments not available in the clinic such as Researchers and scientists will work together with staff from the clinic to generate great innovative services. Combined skills of the marketing staff will generate more sales and the net result is increased profitability and shareholder value.
Market Penetration
Incorporation will facilitate first market penetration as it is established, associated with more customers. I will have to incorporate the clinic with a hospital that has demonstrated successfully in separate markets such as pharmaceutical company in the State (Finkelstein & Cooper 2010).
The only disadvantage I will have is that the incorporation/merger has to be approved by votes of the stockholders of each firm. Two-thirds of the share votes will be required for the approval. Although I have experience and a good reputation of successfully leading mergers and acquisitions of hospitals, the process of obtaining the required votes has always proved to be time-consuming and difficult. The cooperation of the stakeholders is not easily obtainable. The process of incorporation involves gathering votes from the stakeholders and the board members to determine those in support of the merger. If enough votes are gathered in support of the merges, then the transaction will be effected and the dissenting shareholders will be obliged to go along with the process of incorporation (Finkelstein & Cooper 2010). Feasibility Study Family and Child will start as a non profit organization of an already established nonprofit hospital. This sort of arrangement is referred as fiscal sponsorship. Feasibility will help to determine whether time is convenient to launch the project. Public support is also a common characteristic for all non profits. Feasibility study will therefore determine whether the initiative has public support that is feasible. The key questions to be answered by the feasibility study include; Will the clinic intended merges support the initiative and the incorporation process? Is the wider community beneficiary of the initiative support the initiative to level that will make the initiative feasible? Time will then be spent to determine that the initiative will be sustainable (Judith, 2009). The feasibility will involve testing depth of the supporter’s commitment to the program. The propose clinic will be described to a reasonable list of p[potential supporters and careful analysis of their replies will make a sober assessment. A consultant who will interview staff from the clinic will do this. Board members, community leaders, top and prospective donors will be interviewed. The consultant selected will be someone from the outside that not having any biased agenda but simply undertaking the fact-finding mission. People are more likely to tell a stranger both the affirmative and unenthusiastic aspects of the organization. They will be comfortable to genuinely express their feelings with a stranger rather than share them with the executive director or board member (Finkelstein & Cooper 2010). This term contract is made between the Family and Child clinic and; Personal Information 1. Name: 2. Date of Birth(mm/dd/yy): 3. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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