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(Business information system) You are required to conduct a detailed on an organization's information system, analyze - Research Paper Example

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Name: Id: Lecturer Assignment Executive Summary Vodafone Group was founded in 1982 as a joint venture between Hambros Technology Trust, Millicom and the subsidiary of Racal Electronics PLC’s strategic Radio Ltd. Of present, the Group has its main office in London, with a registered office in Newburry Berkshire (Hitt and Hoskisson 46)…
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(Business information system) You are required to conduct a detailed research on an organizations information system, analyze
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Download file to see previous pages These included Europe, comprising all existing controlled business located in Europe, in addition to Turkey, Hungary, and Czech Republic. The company heavily relies on IT and it has incorporated IT in its Market structure as a tool for successful implementation of it programs. This paper discusses and describes the Vodafone Group business organization structure with a focus on the role of IT in its business organization structure. Historical Background of Vodafone Group Vodafone Company started as a joint venture between Hambros Technology Trust Millicom and the subsidiary of Racal Electronics PLC’s strategic Radio Ltd in 1982 with its name being derived from a company’s goal of establishing data services and voice services over mobile telephone networks. Hence, its network was called Racal Vodafone (Saylor 56). The company was renamed Racal Telecom in 1988. In 1991, Racal Telecom became demerged from the Racal Electronics there is when the mobile telephony giant came into existence. In 1996, the company bought people phone and acquired 80% of the Astec Communication, a move that so it increase its shares of the UK mobile customers (Read 46). In 2000, the Group reverted its former name Vodafone Group PLC selling most of the manufacturing related operations. It made the first 3G Voice Call in 2001 on the Uk’s Vodafone 3G network. The company signed a partner agreement with the Mobikom Australia, and became introduced in the Icelandic market. In 2004, it went into an agreement with Luxembourg’s LuxGSM. The Group increased its participation in the Connex of Romania and purchased Czech mobile operator. The period between 2004 to date has seen the company expand through entering into partnership with various communication companies worldwide (Read 57). On the overall from 1980 to 1991, the company bore the name Racal Telecom Brand. Its name was change to Vodafone Group retaining this name from 1991 to 2000. Since 2000 till now, the company has retained the name Vodafone Group PLC (Thomson 43). Business Organization Structure of the Vodafone Group Since it was founded under the auspice of Vodafone Group plc, the Vodafone Company has realized drastic transformations. It has changed its brand from the Racal Telecom Brand to the Vodafone Group and finally the Vodafone Group PLC, alongside its organization structure. As of 9th December 2010, the company has retained a business organization that is all inclusive and diverse. This section describes the Group’s Organization structure as of 9th December 2010 to date. In regard to its operating companies, the Group has two operating regions reflecting the different geographies or different nature of assets, as well as to reflect the differences in development of the sector considering various economies. These included Europe, comprising all existing controlled business located in Europe, in addition to Turkey, Hungary, and Czech Republic. The CEO (Michel Combel) is in charge of Europe region. For other regions, including businesses located in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, Fiji, Australia plus New Zealand, Nick Read is at the top as the Regional CEO. The Vodafone Group has other senior officials including the Group CFO, CEO and Strategy and Business Development Director. These officials are charged with the responsibility of effecting strategies for maximization of the shareholder value ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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