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Business Plans and Analysis - Essay Example

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An essay "Business Plans and Analysis" reports that one of these business plans are intended to be seen as an example of either a good or a bad business plan; instead, they are to be viewed as vehicles towards understanding positive and negative components of each…
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Business Plans and Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages As such, the operability, initial investment figures, marketing scope, time to implementation, existence of external investment, effects that technological change will have on the plans, as well as an analysis of likely consumer response will all be weighed as a function of the likelihood that each plan has towards implementation and overall success. Likewise, it is worth mention that neither one of these business plans are intended to be seen as an example of either a good or a bad business plan; instead, they are to be viewed as vehicles towards understanding positive and negative components of each. Business Plan 1: The first business plan that this analysis will weigh relates to Momentex LLC and their proposed line of Gulp N Go products. Momentex would like to target the untapped market of vending services that are located within toll booths throughout the United States. The plan exhibits multiple strengths. Firstly, regardless of what one thinks of the business plan, it is undeniable that the proximity of the product to the customer is perfectly positioned. The second strength ties in alongside this proximity and evoke the strength of suggestion while the customer is already in the process of making a financial transaction – all of which further encourage him/her to make an impulse buy while at the toll booth. Lastly, for this proximity and these powers of suggestion during a financial transaction, the firm has very few costs associated with marketing as the product is positioned 24/7 and practically free marking takes place at the point of sale on a daily basis. With respect to the weaknesses exhibited in this plan, the first of these regards the legal impacts of commercialization of the toll booths and what this may portend with respect to state, local, cross-jurisdictional, and tax laws. In effect, a public good (roads) will now be turned into a way of further generating funding for private businesses. This fact in and of itself has a host of both legal and ethical dilemmas associated with it. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, there is the issue of traffic flow. Toll booth areas are already high traffic areas that usually only exist in major metropolitan cities. As such, having tens of thousands of people each and every day pausing as to what particular snack or drink they would like to choose while others wait in the queue behind them is a recipe for compounding already tense traffic problems. Lastly, the issue of payment will need to be hashed out. With a non-uniform system of payment already existing at most toll booths, how the customer will pay for the goods becomes a primary question (Lawther, 2000). If with cash revenues will be noticeably lower as fewer and fewer people carry cash. If with the credit card will the same credit card be used to pay the toll? If with a pay-pass for high-frequency travelers will the beverages and food by debited from the same funds that the customer has loaded on the card or will they need to be paid separately? This particular business plan could be improved by measuring the indirect effect that the sale of these goods will have on traffic patterns and wait times for other customers. If a thorough analysis is performed and it is found to adversely affect the commute in a measurable way – it is fairly obvious that the business plan should be abandoned as the negative press and aggravation it will cause will doubtless render the plan futile. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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