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On Consumer Behavior - Essay Example

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Consumer Behaviour Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Marketing Mix Recommendations 3 Price 3 Place 4 Product 5 Promotion 5 Works Cited 7 Marketing Mix Recommendations With reference to the various theories, it can be assumed that the demand for a particular product or service primarily depends upon consumer behavioural traits which are again highly influenced by their personalities, cultural beliefs and reference group’s influence (Coleman)…
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Essay on Consumer Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The quality of the car manufactured by Volkswagen principally targets the metropolitan areas on the basis of the consumption power possessed by the locales (Buck, Gajdecki, Heng, Kam, Pudlas and Horne). The targeted consumers of the organisation are the individuals aged from 20 years to 34 years, signifying the young generation group who are considered to be highly energetic and passionate regarding car models (Volkswagen, “Company Information”). The risk taking ability, irrespective of their income level, can also be regarded as a fundamental criterion of the targeted consumers which in turn make them the potential buyers of the brand. Price The personality traits of the customers indicate them to be more inclined towards quality and features of the car models rather than its price. In the similar context, personality can be defined as the responsive character traits of an individual which include their behaviours, emotions and psychology. Hence, it can be affirmed that according to the theory, the psychology traits possessed by an individual reveals his/her response toward the products and/or services served by the company (New Age Publishers, “Consumer Behaviour”). ...
urbanised areas, state that they are ready to pay high price in return of better quality assurance and comfort which indicates that the individuals decipher positive feedbacks to the products and the services delivered by the brand (Pride, William and Ferrell 402). Place Based on the assumptions of consumer culture theory, the targeted place to market the newly launched product should be selected emphasising on the individualist beliefs which would reward higher degree of decision-making liberty to the young people, i.e. the targeted consumers. According to the theory, consumer behaviours are largely influenced by the cultural beliefs perceived within a community (Sassatelli 9). Furthermore, the theory assumes that social doings and behaviours are tied up with developing a desire for the respective products and/or services which again implies the distinct character of consumers (Hovland & Wolburg 16). It is in this context that in a few of the regions, it is often witnessed that the consumers behave in a consistent manner with great similarity with their peers’ choices being based on identical beliefs and preferences which should be considered by Volkswagen while deciding upon its targeted market place. Product The product must be offered with greater value towards its features and quality assurance factors owing to the personality traits of the consumers. Contextually, consumer personality is described as the behaviour which is presented on behalf of particular products as well as services which is further specified as a demand (Azevedo). Concerning the personality traits of the targeted consumers, it can be noted that consumer behaviour which might be witnessed by Volkswagen’s new launched model is likely to be much more inclined towards the attractive features ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Consumer Behavior Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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