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Leadership Evaluation - Essay Example

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Leadership evaluation Name Institution Date Leadership Evaluation At any particular time, leaders require reliable tools to provide information about how successful their ventures are and how possible it is to make it right in their business. Various evaluation tools have been created to aid this assessment with different traits, characteristics and developmental features being examined…
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Leadership Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages This is just to show how different these criteria are and with them come different expectations and results. One such criterion that has stood out in the US is the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. This is the award offered under the Baldrige national quality program which is the nation’s highest presidential honor for organizational innovation and performance. Several companies have been awarded and their results have reflected their innovative attributes that were recognized under this program. One such company is the Cargill Corn Milling North America. A closer look at the company will detail how significant this award is and how leadership evaluation can be used to increase a company’s worth as well as output. The different strategies used will be highlighted and compared to the way the company has been operating since its inception in 1967. The baldrige Criteria for Performance and the Cargill Corn Milling (CCM): The criteria used by the Baldrige Program are mainly embodied in seven key areas. These are leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce focus, operations focus, and results (BPEP, 2012). These areas are analyzed and assessed in that order in a way that shows their relationship. They have to look at the organizational profile since it sets the context of the way the organization operates. It is at this top spot that the guiding attributes are found, which allow one to venture into the company’s organizational performance and management system in a systematic manner. The performance system deals with different triads. First, there is the leadership triad that consists of leadership, strategic planning, and customer focus categories. If the leaders are not in touch with the way each of these three goes on, the company is likely to stagnate since operations will be stalled. The other three categories that are under the performance system include the workforce focus, operations focus and the results category which form the results triad. These three represent the recipe towards the success of the company and should be idealized by the management to ensure each attribute is running smoothly and is devoid of any hiccups. It should represent a sure way of handling any queries that may arise and how to effectively handle them. These two triads are the core attributes that form the performance mantle. They directly link leadership to results entailing their interdependent relationship (BPEP, 2012). The system's foundation consists of the fourth category that focuses on measurements, analysis, and knowledge management. This offers the path through which innovation will take place and how crucial each attribute is towards the continuity of a company (BPEP, 2012). With CCM being in the manufacturing category, these seven attributes have to be intertwined to help achieve the best results and increase their market presence. The criterion stated above was applied in its entirety and the results were evident from the detailed report provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology which oversees these awards. The company has over the past few decades been on an upward trend with its earnings after tax nearly tripling from the 2003 to 2007 financial period. They have received numerous awards for their customer relations with each individual, from top to bottom ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Leadership Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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