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The Strategic Threats Facing Google - Research Paper Example

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The reporter states that Google was initially a project that was built and initiated by two scholars, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who came from Stanford. During the year 1996, they invented a search engine that had strange techniques of ranking the results from searches…
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The Strategic Threats Facing Google
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"The Strategic Threats Facing Google"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the firm was far ahead of other search engines because their search results were of high quality, and due to this, the company has become very popular and successful. Besides being so popular, the firm employs several people globally; moreover, it has always been ranked as one of the best firms to work for.
The firm has acquired several firms to enable it to continue being innovative. In the year 2003, it acquired Applied Semantics Inc, which advanced the advertising campaign of the firm. In the year 2006, Google acquired Writely, and as the end of 2006 approached, it acquired YouTube by outbidding other competitors for $1.65 billion. Similarly, early in the year 2007, the firm at $3.1 billion acquired Double click. The firm has acquired several other firms since then; one of them is Tonic Systems.
The mission statement of the firm, which is to sort out the worlds’ information, makes it available and helpful to its users; moreover, this statement refers to their goals; however, it is not reflecting how the firm is supposed to earn profits and revenue. Moreover, the mission statement of the firm does not provide a timeline but it just states the end-result. However, the mission statement of Google is very original and distinctive and very relevant, thus, it should not be altered.
Google is an internet search engine. It enables individuals to get information that is kept in several other sites. The main product or service of Google is internet search; it also enables individuals using the internet to search for single words or word combinations. Other than being a search engine, Google also advertises the products and services of other firms, which is also another source of revenues. Besides, Google has a number of online productivity tools and some of them include Gmail, which is a free webmail and Google voice talk. The major source of revenue for Google is its advertising services, AdSense, as well as AdWords. Advertising contributes to 99% of the total revenues of the firm; in this case, firms make payment to Google to put their AdWords on Google sites as well as in its affiliates.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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