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Trends in Business Leadership - Essay Example

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Trends in Business Leadership Name Institution Date Contents Trends in Business Leadership 3 Reasons for Trends in Leadership 3 Focus on Human Resource 5 Innovation 6 Effective Leadership 7 Collaboration 7 Globalization 8 Recommendations 9 Conclusion 10 References 12 Trends in Business Leadership Majority of successful organizations and institutions dwell on the vital aspect of effective leadership to retain their status and optimize productivity…
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Trends in Business Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Changes in the work environment lead to new leadership styles whereby leaders change their styles to remain effective. Such changes include improvement in key processes, streamlining functions and restructuring for effectiveness. For an organization to sustain relevance in business, strategists must be put in place to improve the organization’s ability to read and respond to changing trends in the market environment. They should be able to identify challenges in time and respond promptly by improving structures that boost business flexibility and adaptability. Adaptability reduces rigidity of the leaders and enables them to commit to current and future changes. Therefore, they should view change as inevitable and essential part of organization success. The goal of such changes is adapt, regenerate and survive (McLean, 2006). This paper discusses five main trends in business leadership, the reasons for emerging trends and strategies to cope with these trends. Reasons for Trends in Leadership Most leaders lack competencies in strategic thinking, leading change, ability to inspire, techniques to create a vision and involve others in it. They also lack the ability to understand the organizational set up and proper functioning of systems. Most business organizations contain a large number of interacting processes and structures that are difficult to manage. This has forced many organizations to adopt strategies geared towards improving performance and attaining as well as maintaining competitive advantage. Effective leadership is the most significant of the strategies, thus most leaders are pressured by high performance expectation resulting to the emergence of new trends. Information systems in many organizations are indecipherable and complicated making the interactions between different organs of an organization difficult. Interactions in these organizations are non linear complicated implying that minute changes in leadership leads to pronounced, disproportionate effects at all departments. This has led to communication trends and the need for effective leadership trends. Increased globalization has increased the urge to lead across cultures. The transformation from traditional organizational strategies has allowed room for flexibility and expansion enabling businesses to explore international markets. Most local markets are also facing stiff competition from local firms therefore creating a need for most organizations to explore international markets. Most organizations are favoring global-oriented who are able to formulate effective strategies that promote international business. Technology trends are caused by information overload, lack of interconnectedness between organization systems and business communities. Most of the new technologies also disrupt the professional practices. Organizations are thus edged towards effective leadership skills that are technologically sound to steer management towards technological advancement. The main trends in business leadership are: Focus on Human Resource Current market research indicates that most organizations consider human resource as the most eminent asset in corporate growth. Emerging trends predict that human resource will be the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trends in Business Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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