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Christian View of Business and its Purpose in Society - Personal Statement Example

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Christian View of Business and Its Purpose in Society Article 1: The Biblical Purpose of Business The article named “Towards a Statement on the Biblical Purpose of Business” has been written by Jeff Van Duzer, Randal S. Franz, Gary L. Karns, Tim Dearborn, Denise Daniels and Kenman L…
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Christian View of Business and its Purpose in Society
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"Christian View of Business and its Purpose in Society"

Download file to see previous pages The paper also identifies if trade action needs to be involved exclusively by means of antagonistic visionary means which would be enthusiastically embraced (Duzer, 2012). One of the most appealing aspects stated by the authors has been related to the definition of business and its relation with the theological perspective. The article asserts that business is a form of institution since it is a means through which a group chooses to resolve one of its social problems. From the views of theology, the main objective of business is to assist in the creation of God’s empire. The unique role that the business has to play in that effort is to serve the society by manufacturing the goods and the services required to facilitate the pursuance of the main objective and the creation of the giftedness of the person in the business. The article tends to lay theological framework for comprehending business in terms of God’s creativity, human depravity as well as Christ’s redemption. The article is well written and is also quite significant and thus contributes meaningfully to the understanding of the readers and inspires in accomplishment of their daily work within the noble calling of business. It can be reflected that the redemption view of business leads an individual to the particular situation that is valued by the Christians. The authors state the fact that instead of just restricting the acceptable business conduct, it forces the individuals to enter into business as a type of service offered to the neighbor and finally the individual’s participation in creating the sovereignty of God. The individual is capable of freely entrusting upon the Spirit of God in order to give wisdom, competence, creativity as well as compassion for their involvement in business since the people tend to fulfill the redemption purpose of God. In the absence of the solid theology, the Christians in business do not have a proper sense of purpose and a comprehension of the spiritual environment in which they tend to function. When the way of doing business lacks moral, then its sole objective of attaining the organizational goals might be eradicated and hence the focus is generally upon the accomplishment of the personal goals. Therefore, it is quite significant to inculcate theology with the help of which the business man will be competent of operating morally and thus will also be capable of conducting business in an ethical way. The focus of the businessman must not solely be on maximizing the profitability factor but also on serving the society according to the directions demonstrated by god (Duzer, Franz, Karns, Dearborn, Daniels, & Wong, n.d.). Article 2: The Social Responsibility of Business is to make its Profits The article “The Social responsibility of Business is to make its Profits” has been written by Milton Friedman. The key intention of the article is to demonstrate the fact that the main objective of social responsibility is to enhance the profitability factor of business. The author in his article describes the social responsibility of not the businesses but of the corporate executives, which is his main thesis statement. Friedman has argued that the supporters of the social responsibility of business were generally moralizing socialism. However, in the present times, the debate is generally regarding the characteristic of capitalism. The most relevant point that has been noticed in the article is that the corporation is an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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