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Strategic Management / Analysis of Strategic Situation of HTC and the Smartphone Industry - Essay Example

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Strategic Management / Analysis of Strategic Situation of HTC and the Smartphone Industry Table of Contents Introduction 3 Strategic Situation 4 Analysis 6 Industry Life Cycle 6 Porter’s Five Forces 7 Threat of New Entrants 7 Supplier Power 8 Buyer Power 8 Threat of Substitutes 8 Competitive Rivalry 9 Value Chain 10 Scale and Scope 11 Conclusion 13 References 14 Bibliography 17 Introduction The smartphone industry can be regarded to be a rapidly growing industry in the present day context…
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Strategic Management / Analysis of Strategic Situation of HTC and the Smartphone Industry
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Extract of sample "Strategic Management / Analysis of Strategic Situation of HTC and the Smartphone Industry"

Download file to see previous pages al., 2009). HTC Corporation, which is a Taiwan based company, is quite a prominent brand in the industrial segment of smartphones. HTC attempts to provide personalised user experience to the users and renders significant importance to user opinions and retailers’ recommendations (HTC Corporation, 2012). In the highly competitive smartphone industrial sector, the involved companies are significantly required to form effective strategic plans and for this purpose it is quite essential to identify the strategic position of the company, HTC. This allows the companies to prepare for the future and facilitates them to adapt to frequent changes that generally seem to take place in the smartphone market (Evans, n.d.). Strategic Situation During the recent years, HTC has gained a significant reputation in terms of engineering. HTC has developed a research lab known as the MAGIC labs for innovating and developing new and advanced ideas. The company faces an aggressive competition from Apple and Samsung. However, it has experienced a significant growth after introducing Android, the mobile operating system from Google into its mobiles (Taoyuan, 2012). The figure below illustrates the revenue and the net income earned by HTC during the year 2007-11: Source: (Taoyuan, 2012) The above figure demonstrates the fact that HTC has experienced a growth in income during the recent years. However, it can also be noticed that the company has witnessed a downfall in its earnings or income during the last year i.e. 2011. The reason behind this may be the limited success of the smartphones like Desire and Sensation of HTC due to the aggressive competition from the iPhones of Apple and the smartphones which come under Samsung’s Galaxy line (Standing & Jim, 2011). Analysis Industry Life Cycle Industry life cycle refer to the span of time which starts with the introduction of a company in the market and extends until the company discontinues its business operations. There are essentially four phases in the life cycle of an industry which are the introductory stage, the growth stage, the maturity stage and the decline stage (Komninos, 2002). HTC’s smartphone segment is likely to be in its declining stage. However, the smartphone industry life cycle has noticed a dramatic change after the implementation of Android operating system in the smartphones. This fact can be better identified in the figure below: Source: (Woyke, 2012). Since, HTC is likely to be in the declining stage of life cycle, hence it can be mentioned that the company should attempt to undergo certain significant changes in order to remain competitive according to the market requirements. These changes may include the restructuring of the cost structure and changing the operating system among others. HTC has experienced a significant growth in the earlier phases of its life cycle. However, it is worth mentioning in this context that the company witnessed a sudden downfall in its sales and revenue earnings after its maturity stage. Certain reports state that the revenue earned by the company during the first two months of 2012 was almost 45% less than that of the same period of the previous year i.e. 2011. This aspect indicates that the company is in its declining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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