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Introduction This research report analyzes one of the leading companies of United States, Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the leading retailer of the world and during the time of recession, the company has been able to perform well as the sales of the company did not decline but improved during this difficult time…
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Industry / Corporate Analysis: Fundamentals and Technical Research
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to this, the trends in the industry would be analyzed to identify pattern of the industry. The main purpose of the report would be to analyze whether Wal-Mart is profitable for investors to invest or not. Analysis The analysis part of the report would be divided into three main parts; economic analysis, industry analysis and financial analysis. Economic analysis The economic condition of United States and many other economies of the world have been deteriorated since the financial crisis of 2007. The GDP and GDP growth rate of many economies of the world decreased after the financial crisis, the unemployment level increased and the number of jobs seekers have increased drastically since 2007. In addition to this, the ratio of exports to imports have reduced therefore having a negative impact on the economies of the world. Therefore in such a difficult phase, Wal-Mart has been able to perform well and not only maintain its sales but improved the overall its sales and achieve growth. The time duration of people remaining unemployed has increased after the financial crisis. The following table indicates clearly the increase in the time people are unemployed since 2007. (Hill, 2011) With fewer jobs available in the market, the number of people quitting their jobs has reduced since 2007. The following graph shows the reduction in number of people voluntarily quitting their jobs: (Hill, 2011) After the recession, the number of people being laid-offs by private sector has increased. The following graph shows the increase in the layoffs of employees however this ratio has reduced in 2010. (Hill, 2011) Among all those who are unemployed, the ratio of youngsters aging from 25 years to 34 years is the highest. It indicates that employers are reluctant to hire fresh and new graduates and therefore this would have a negative impact in the long run on the economic condition of United States. The following graph shows the unemployment rate of different age groups since 2007. (Hill, 2011) Industry analysis The retail industry has been identified as a recession free industry as recession has not been able to make a severe impact on the industry. Instead of reduction in sales because of recession, some of the firms in the retail industry have improved their sales and achieved growth. Recession although reduced the buying power of consumers and therefore this increased the number of working hours of people so that they can earn more. However the changes in the recent years by the retailers have created several new opportunities for retailers and these retailers have capitalized on these changes to achieve growth. One of the major innovations in the recent years in the retail industry has been to introduce the concept of online shopping in the retail industry. Online retail industry is growing and it is in the growth stage of the product or industry life cycle. Therefore the sales of the industry would further grow and considering the nature of product and convenience provided by online shopping, the trend would continue for years. With changes in consumer preferences and convenience offered by online shopping, this attracted people and encouraged them to shop online. According to research conducted by Forrester Research Inc (2012) it has been found that the trend of online shopping would further increase in the years to come. In 2011, the total spending on online shopping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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