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Costco company deals with various activities in assorted countries and is devoted in offering their customer quality services at affordable prices. The company provides a range of merchandise and storage departments that are designed to make shopping exercise enjoyable because it ensures the guarantee of satisfaction to its customers. …
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Download file to see previous pages It deals with diverse people in various regions, and the need of workforce diversity is essential in the company to promote efficiency. Meanwhile, the company is concern with the quality of its products and services in that it values management training in order to improve the skills and understanding of employees. The Leadership styles are extremely essential in the management of the company because enhance the performance of the company. Thus, the paper will evaluate the management training, workforce diversity and the Leadership styles of the Costco in its operations. Management of training and workforce diversity Workforce diversifies in Costco deals with the adjustment of labor force and the way employee relate to each other at the workforce. The company promotes management of workforce diversity efficiently by creating an environment that evaluates unique qualities of each worker that help the company to achieve its goals and vision (Barak, 2010). Meanwhile, it involves in workforce diversity training that introduces the knowledge and essential skills in the organization. The company provides a forum that assist participants to enhance their understandings in their fields. The management of training of Costco focuses on increasing understanding to all employees regardless of the status, gender and race, and make sure all human differences were respected. Costco is trying it best to create awareness and put emphasis on the need of training because it builds skills and examines the behavior that influence how employees interact (Lussier, 2011). Management training of the Costco focus on disseminating information that ensures employees is familiar and understands the law that governs fair employment practices. Similarly, it involves discussing human cognitive processes that are essential in promoting the performance of the organizations. The management training involves introducing courses and workshops that make sure managers are equipped with skills that help them to face challenges that may arise in supervising and managing projects (Lussier, 2011). Costco provide management training via offering seminars and sending management personnel to conferences. The management training includes courses that recognize the significant of effective communication and discussion that motivate employees (Barak, 2010). Meanwhile, the company training equips employee with qualities on how to handle performances reviews and problem solving in the work force diversity. Management training of the Costco addresses the diversity and emotional intelligence that help managers to manage their new responsibilities effectively. Management training of the company involves time management that will be useful for learning how to achieve goals and avoid doing work at the last minute. Bolman and Deal (2003) indicate that workforce diversity in Costco involves implementing policies and practices that involve people within the workforce that are different from those in the prevailing workforce. The workforce diversity in Costco integrates corporate responsibility that allows individuals to earn a living and meet their visions.. Meanwhile, workforce diversity of the company avoids issues of discriminatory preferences and practices in delegating their jobs and promotions that help in attracting the best accessible talent within the pool. Leadership style The leadership style provides direction, the method to implement plans and involve in motivating individuals, in organizations. There are three types of leadership styles that include authoritarian, democratic and free reign, and are implemented depending on the vision and goals of the organizati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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