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Innovation and Change - Open Innovation and Strategy - Essay Example

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Innovation and Change Name: University Course: Instructor: Date: Innovation and Change In its basic meaning, disruptive innovation is the kind of innovation that often creates new markets for particular products and creates a new form of value in the industry but eventually goes on to disrupt the workings of the existing market…
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Innovation and Change - Open Innovation and Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages This creates proper competition in the market as the firms compete on specific value benefits to the customers. The computer industry across the world has greatly been disrupted by new innovations that are always meant to add value to the existing products in the market. Initially, mainframe computers were the only existing form of computers in the market. Such computers had the ability to address all the important needs of people at the time. However, developments in the computer industry led to the introduction of personal computers. These computers were not in any way seen as competitors to the mainframe computers. The personal computers therefore developed effectively without much influence on the mainframe computer market. In any case, these two types of computers had totally different applications in the market. However with time, the personal computers became a great threat to the operations of the mainframe computers which had very great limitations owing to their size and portability. This challenge eventually led to the disruption of the mainframe computer industry when the personal computers became much adopted in the market in contrast to the mainframe computers. ...
This creates a lot of challenges in the market. The development of personal computers was for a long time totally unrelated to the mainframe computers market. Basically, personal computers were not used for industry applications since they were considered not powerful enough to perform such great tasks. However, with a lot of developments and innovation, much success has really been evidenced. The market for personal computers eventually became much greater than mainframe market. However, much disruption in the market is still expected given the introduction of minicomputers and other smaller computers. The major driving force behind this disruption is actually the need for efficiency and ease of operations. While mainframe computers are still much effective in industry applications, they greatly face a lot of competition from the personal computer market. Fundamentally, it has to be realized that personal computers were actually an innovation and development of the mainframe computers. These computers were basically an extension of the technology used in the mainframes which were in much use in the 1970s through to the 1980s. While the personal computers have greatly managed to bridge the gap that always existed in terms of computer applications in the market, some gaps still exist in the market which create the need for more innovation. In this regard, mainframe computers are widely used in industries due to their great speeds and processing ability. In organizational setups, such computers are often used to manage other computers in the organization. While such features are greatly valuable and demanded in the market, most personal computers do not have the ability to provide such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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