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The Single European Market - Essay Example

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Single European market Name Institution Date One of the major aims of the European Union was to make the member states economies completely mutual. This led to the creation of the single market. The European single market consists of the most determined and broad in scope supply-side program to be launched in the European countries commonly termed as the White paper 1985 (Barnard, 2002, pp…
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The Single European Market
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Download file to see previous pages 25). It may prove to be difficult to complete the single European Market due to ineffective implementation, amends and enforcement. Though the heterodoxy of the measures to implement the Single market in Europe is gradually improving, insufficient transposition is still a worry. 56% of the European Single market measures have been changed in every member state (Pohl & Sorsa, 1992, pp. 34). Significant delays and poor quality changes have been noted in the member states which have prevented the businesses from taking full advantage of the potential for the single market. The member states have also tried to use different change proficiencies which have resulted to legislations with legal worries and interpretation problems. This has increased the compliance costs for the interested parties who have to bear with different prerequisites in the different member states they go (Pohl & Sorsa, 1992, pp. 35). Mismatched enforcement of the European Union statute law hampers fair competition in the single market and thus a barrier to the implementation of the single market in Europe (Barnard, 2002, pp. 46). ...
ll sabotage the high level of the protection which the statute law intend to hold and the aberration of competition between the producers due to the differences in the way the application of the European Union Single market is enforced in the different member states (Barnard, 2002, pp. 50). The businesses in the different states may consider this as a way of discriminating between them due to the unevenness in the way it is enforced. Another problem may arise where the market opening bank on the mutual recognition rationale. The inspectors in one state may have problems in distinguishing the different necessities required for the different products or service suppliers to fulfill or in measuring the adjustability to the requirements by the suppliers (Pohl & Sorsa, 1992, pp. 41). The absence of efficient and effective redress may hinder the implementation of the European single market. The rendering of efficient redresses demand a chain of means and methods which involve the identification of default items to the disposition and setting standards to remove such goods from the market or setting up punishments and penalties for anyone dealing with the defective items (Pohl & Sorsa, 1992, pp. 43). Due to pores in the legislative framework, most of the proposals of the European Union have not been taken up and the market relaxation of the segments which had not been covered up by the program has not been accomplished (Pohl & Sorsa, 1992, pp. 55). Due to the failure of the European Union to establish a simplified and consistent taxation system and elimination of discriminations in the member states, most of the companies are precluded from carrying out business as single entities. This inhibits contributions of the businesses to employment creation. Most of these companies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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