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Selling Sunglasses in an Online World - Essay Example

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Selling Sunglasses in an Online World Over View of the Business: The online business under consideration is the retailer Sunglasses Shop UK - an online retailer of high luxury and designer sun glasses…
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Selling Sunglasses in an Online World
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Download file to see previous pages The mission of the shop is to deliver the most highly sought after brand names with the top costumer service, in a mix which delights customers and has enabled the retailer to become one of the most successful examples of e-business in UK. On their website you get an on outlay which is at once catchy and informative. The brands are prominently displayed and range from premium to the ‘purse friendly’. There is a wide selection available and the shop team carefully monitors fashion trends and new arrivals to constantly update the products. They are registered dealers of all the brands they sell and some of the brands link back to their website as Oakley and Rayban. Technical eyewear such as goggles and designer spectacles are also two of the categories available for their customers. One of the main focus of the business is their strong inter relations within the employees and the suppliers. Training sessions and discussions with the suppliers keep the staff knowledgeable about the demand and supply of the sunglasses sector and they can further use this knowledge for the convenience of the customers. They act as experts on the latest and most desired products and the range of sunglasses available as well as provide quality control checks for the products which they deliver. Like other online retailers some of the perks offered by the retailer are the ability to compare and contrast the different products and prices available from the comfort of their home and free delivery of their shopping. The company goes to great lengths to ensure potential customers of their security and refund policies which work out to their benefit. The FAQ and about us page lets them know about the policies in a transparent way and provides the email address and contact number of customer service in order to answer any queries or provide any more information that the customer requires. The retailers do have a physical store in Highstreet, Essex. Fifteen employees in total manage both the online and retail business. The retail outlet was built to give their customers the opportunity to come and experience the products for themselves, as well as to attract those who were not very fond of online shopping. The outlet acts as a center for the transitional and accounting activities, they currently use the Wasp Quickstore solution to manage their check-out, stock levels, vendors and purchase orders. The emphasis is on replicating the same kind of efficiency in their outlet that exists in their online business. Possible E business models “Although “e-business” is a relatively new concept, there already exists a substantial base of experience in designing and implementing e-business initiatives and measuring their impact. As firms seek to go beyond the initial and often Imitated online store examples to the less obvious areas of their business that could be transformed with e-business technologies, there is a need for benchmarking the existing base of e-business experiences (Bagchi and Tulskie, 2000, 1) An E business can be defined as a company that has an online presence; these businesses sell merchandise, services and interact with customers through the internet. The model of conducting business that they follow is usually a combination of the different technology they use, website layout, company goals, marketing and selling strategies of that particular business. While every business is free to choose a model at their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Selling Sunglasses in an Online World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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