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Net Neutrality - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Net neutrality The internet is meritocratic in it’s propose. The move to place restrictions on the owners of networks that provide access to the internet in a bid to ensure equal access and non discriminatory treatment is regarded as net neutrality…
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Net Neutrality
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Download file to see previous pages For example, AT&T can make it slower and harder for an internet user to access and make it faster to reach yahoo mail(1). Over the past years a debate has grown up over the meaning and the merits of the net the neutrality regulation. The quality of the debate does not match its volume. One side argues that internet should be free and democratic whereas the other side proffer that any government intervention in matter related to the internet could be hazardous to the social welfare. The fact that the internet is not immune from economic principles and forces, and such evaluation can and should serve to shape policy making in this arena. There techno- economic issues that surround net neutrality and the current status of the global market. The issues being raised being raised include network financing, taking into account the rise in traffic and the need for ongoing innovation in services. Some of the players now take up the value chain (CDNs, IP transit providers and content providers) all operate in various business models and are looking up to capitalize on the basic rules that enable the web development. However when it comes to the internet overall business model seems quite difficult maintain. The net work operators, telecom and ISPs have expanded their businesses to offer services as well. Apart from selling internet connections with different band widths, they have introduced their own VOIP or IP television, Video on demand and music download portal (2). They are not only competing with their counterparts for faster and cheaper connection but also with service and content providers like Skype, Apple and Google. The new Democratic Federal Communication commission (FCC ) is the administrative agency that is committed in expanding and enhancing the net neutrality restrictions. The objective was to encourage broadband deployment and preserve the nature of the internet. The principle duties is; to ensure that internet consumers have access to the lawful internet content of their choice, connect their choice of legal devices that do not interfere with the network connection and fair competition among network , application and content providers. There are various industries that will be affected by this decision. The internet services providers will have to bear with the slow speeds since a lot of people will be accessing the internet. . Rich media services will also be affect how people will upload games and upcoming streams. It will act as a barrier to smut free internet. This will affect social media through blogs that will result to higher prices and diminished quality of services of web publishers. Consumers seem to benefit from this decision it would put equal pricing for the internet services(3) . Net neutrality is a policy. Besides the technical concern that faces it, there are economic, legal and political issues that are related to net neutrality. Internet service providers have been providing quality services depending on the price paid. Now they have to compete with their other counterparts to provide cheaper and faster services in order to remain in business. If this issue is implemented it will kill competition for the operators own service. The legal issues that surrounds net neutrality is the ability of internet service providers to stop traffic or block material that may infringe on copy right. The decision on what is truly “lawful content” cannot be determined by the internet providers or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Net Neutrality Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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