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Section 1 1. Examine the differing perspectives of human resource management: Explain Guest’s model of hard-soft, loose-tight dimensions of HRM There are number of ways for executing managerial processes of HR. The two broad approaches of HR include Hard HR, Soft HR and tight and loose dimensions of HR…
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Managing Human Resource Issues
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Download file to see previous pages Hard HR focuses on business needs of HR and takes action accordingly i.e. hiring, firing and moving. 2. Soft HR Soft HR treats employees as their most important assets and resource. Many business, make their employees their competitive advantage. Special care is taken for planning and fulfilling the needs of employees and under soft HR, employees are treated as individuals. Soft HR focuses on the needs of employees that include motivation, rewards and roles. 3. Tight and Loose Dimensions of HRM Tight and loose dimensions of HRM depicts that some organizations prefer to provide a loose (informal) environment to their employees so that they can work in a more pleasant and easy environment whereas tight dimension of HRM refers to the more formally organized workforce where the main objective is to accomplish goals by any means. Review the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM and personnel and IR practices Storey’s Definition of HRM According to Storey, human commitment and capability is essential for every organization. He argues that human resource, capability and commitment are what differentiate an organization. Therefore, importance of human capital needs to be integrated at the highest level of management in organization. Human capital must be integrated in all the functions of an organization so as to enable the organization to achieve its goals. IR Practices Storey’s IR practices incorporate that employees needs to follow certain rules, regulations, policies, norms and customers within the workplace. It creates division of labor among workforce because the pays of workers are made on standard rules. Analyze HRM from a strategic perspective and its implications for the role of the line manager and employees Strategic Perspective of HRM Strategically, HRM is a fundamental tool that provides the organization a framework to hire the best possible human resources in the organization. Human resource is the only asset of the organization which cannot be imitated by the other organizations. Due to this, the organizations focus on developing such an effective team of workers who can provide the organization an edge over its competitors. The role of line managers and employees is also quite influential for the HRM practices such that these are actually the line managers to whom the HR department provides the best available employees so that those employees can achieve the overall organizational goals by facilitating their line managers. Section 2 2. Review ways of developing flexibility within the workplace: Review and explain a model of flexibility and show how this might be applied in practice Flexibility is a key area that has emerged vastly across the world in relation to human resource practices. The model of flexibility reflects such workplace environment where the employees are allowed to enjoy flexibilities with respect to different sorts of their job related issues. For instance, they might be provided flexible time opportunity to decide their own timings for their job, allowing them to work at their homes, allowing them the flexibility to choose a reward package as per their own needs etc. These sorts of flexibilities provide the employees more ease and they perform their best when they are at their ease and thus adding more productivity to the organization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing Human Resource Issues Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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