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Enterprise Business - Assignment Example

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Enterprise [University] [Instructor Name] QUESTION 1 Entrepreneurial is a word that is related to entrepreneur which generally refers to daring to take any sort of risks in order to make profit and gain benefits. It is a quality that enables a person to undertake risks and prove beneficial for the company…
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Enterprise Business Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages It is very necessary that the company should have some personnel that can make quick decisions but not rushed decisions because delay in making a decision may lead to losses for the company (Timmons, 1989). Another major quality that a company wants in his employees is the professionalism, and being an entrepreneurial person it is the innate ability of the person to be professional in his attitude and way of conduct; the greatest ability that an entrepreneurial person has is the ability of negotiations and making deals. He knows how to deal with people belonging to different professions and tactfully manipulate the person in to his own talk and make the other person accept what you want. In the previous company in which I had been working my entrepreneurial qualities came quite handy for the company. Initially when I joined the company it wasn’t a much strong and large company, but then I devoted myself for the company and used my innate qualities and abilities of an entrepreneur to make the company one of the largest company. I made many different deals some of which of which were risky, the company at first refused to take risks but then they trusted me and I made the decision and the company’s shares and value increased a lot. ...
The company is always in search of new business deals that can benefit their reputation and market value and an entrepreneur is the only person that can make it happen (Cartwright, 2002). QUESTION 2 Like every great personality has to face great many difficulties and problems to on their way to become what they are today. Likewise I also had to travel a long and difficult road to become what I am today. The greatest obstacle that came in my life was my own self. The weaknesses in me were the greatest obstacle that I had to face in my way to success. A person should know his weaknesses and strengths so that he can transform his weakness into his strength and utilize his strengths to his fullest. The greatest weakness in me that caused a lot of trouble for me in my business was that I easily trust people. This weakness of mine initially leads to me trouble and losses but then I soon realized where my fault was and I then had to rectify it; I then started thinking of ways to get rid of this habit. I then tried hard not to trust people and before trusting anyone I made a great deal of investigation and tchen took some further step. Soon experience taught me who to trust and who not to. People won’t believe but I was an extremely shy person and this was a major weakness that I had to overcome otherwise this would have created a lot of trouble for me and I could never succeed. I used to look in the mirror whenever I had time and looked into my eye and talked to myself and used to tell myself that I was confident and that I could do anything and eventually I overcame my shyness (Stein & Walker, 2002). Another weakness that I was able to overcome was that I used to make hasty decisions and I had to rectify this habit. With ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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