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Mission Statement of Nonprofit Organization Introduction The American Red Cross operates as a non-profit organization which was established in the year 1881 by Clara Barton. Since its inception, it has been functioning as the country’s leading crisis response organization…
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Download file to see previous pages All through these years, the organization made continuous attempts towards spreading out its offered services always with the intention to put a stop to along with alleviating suffering (American Red Cross, 2012). The paper will intend to assess the mission statement of the organization in order to ascertain its effectiveness. Consecutively to ascertain the effectiveness of the mission statement of the non-profit organization, it becomes necessary to gain a lucid comprehension regarding its activities. Presently, the organization focuses on not only providing aid related to domestic catastrophes but it even puts in its contributions and endeavours towards providing empathetic relief services in other fields as well. The American Red Cross was found to extend its helping hand by way of making available community supported services for assisting the deprived and poor. It is also learnt to support along with consoling and reassuring the military members and also their respective immediate families accompanied. The organization is also found to undertake initiatives for gathering, processing and dispensing lifesaving blood and the other relevant products. Various educational curriculums are provided by the organization in order to trigger general consciousness for the promotion of better health as well as safety and providing international aid along with conducting numerous development programs (American Red Cross, 2012). ...
Around four million individuals have been predicted to donate their blood with the help of this organization which makes it one of the major and leading blood suppliers as well as products in the entire United States (US). The American Red Cross is also learnt to extend their support and aid to the several service members of the US who need to live staying away from their respective families owing to the nature of their military duty by way of keeping them connected with their families. The Red Cross on the whole commands a national association of almost 186 nationwide societies and with mutual cooperation and support aids in reinstating hope as well self-esteem to the globe’s most weak and defenseless individuals (American Red Cross, 2012). Majority of the volunteers along with the employees engaged with Red Cross are believed to serve around 70, 000 sufferers of catastrophes in both the large as well as small communities every year. It was estimated that on an average above 9 million individuals are provided training by Red Cross on the aspects of water safety, first aid accompanied with various other skills which are believed to prove to be helpful in saving lives each year. It was also predicted in this context regarding the considered organization that on the basis of a made average around 91 cents with respect to each Dollar spent by Red Cross gets invested or contributed towards the compassionate programs as well as services. As already mentioned that Red Cross functions and operates as a non-profit organization for which reason it remains heavily dependent on the donations related to money, blood and time in order to keep on carrying out and maintain a constant flow of its services (American Red Cross, 2012). Although the organization is believed to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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