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Management 535 Weekly Theme: Global Competitiveness Texas A&M-Commerce In partial fulfillment of the requirements for MGT 590 Professor Lloyd M. Basham March 30, 2012 Table of Contents Page Abstract 3 Definition 4 My Perception of Global Competitiveness 4 Global Competitiveness in my Career 5 References 7 Abstract The world is full of competitions…
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Global Competitiveness Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Being competitive in respective career may translate to the company’s competitiveness and then to the country’s competitiveness globally as well. Definition Meredith and Shafer (2010) defined competitiveness in several ways. First, competitiveness is the firm or organization’s long term viability. Second, it may be contextually viewed as the current success of a firm in the marketplace measured by profitability and market share. Lastly, competitiveness of a nation may be seen in its aggregate success in all markets. Thus, global competitiveness is the current and aggregate success plus long term viability in the over-all market. According to the US President’s Council on Industrial Competitiveness (1985) and cited by Meredith and Shafer (2010), competitiveness for a nation is the degree in which it can produce goods and services that meet international standards while maintaining income of the citizens. Aspects considered under competitiveness globally include operations, management, customer value and various strategies and approaches essential in the market (Meredith & Shafer, 2010). ...
It is me giving the edge as a sales representative for the clients and the company as well. Global competitiveness is St Jude Medical offering products of high quality but with competitive price compared to similar health care products provided by other manufacturers not only in the US but also around the world. It would not be all about the monetary aspect but competitiveness globally would also include holistic development of the company. It is fulfilling St. Jude Medical’s mission of sustainability focus thereby having the opportunity to connect business processes and human capital in conjunction with economic growth, production of safe and reliable products, plus social and environmental responsibilities. Global Competitiveness in My Career As a sales representative of St. Jude Medical, global competitiveness means assuring customers of good quality products, constantly innovating and by having focus on the company’s core capabilities. These activities would not only make me competitively in terms of career but would also contribute to St Jude Medical’s competitiveness and also the country as well. First, customer satisfaction must always be guaranteed by having quality medical products and giving customers what they want. As stated by Kinaxis Corporation (2009), because of the internet and the social media as well, the customers are now more empowered to get what they want. Also, before offering the product, I must assure myself that the product conforms to certain standards like what Schonberger (n.d.) compiled as a list of multiple quality dimensions that customers associate with products (as cited by Meredith & Shafer, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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