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Reasons for Investing in HSBC HOLDING PLC - Essay Example

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The reporter describes HSBC as one of the largest institutions dealing in financial and banking services, it is also a public limited company started in 1990. Moreover, HSBC is located in the UK and has its headquarters in London…
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Reasons for Investing in HSBC HOLDING PLC
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Extract of sample "Reasons for Investing in HSBC HOLDING PLC"

Download file to see previous pages It is branded world’s number 1 in the provision of various services and products to many customers. HSBC helps their customers in investigating emotional attitudes in matters related to financial markets and telling them the importance of investing in long-term. They also provide share services online for those investors who are interested in their own portfolio management. HSBC has a range of investments, life insurance, and savings opportunities, which can be applied online for experts (Chandra, 2008). By 2009, this company was rated amongst the largest group of banks and the sixth largest in the world according to the measure of the Forbes magazine. Hong Kong used to be its headquarters up to 1992 when there was an urgent need due to the force that was eminent by then to move to the UK as a state of completion of acquiring Midland bank. Presently, there is no area in the world that dominates the earnings made by this group. Hong Kong is still HSBC’s substantial income source. The recent expansion and acquiring of HSBC roots in China have increased their customer confidence and reason to invest in them. This banking company has established itself well and widely in its operational base in the world. This company has its major points on such services as an investment, lending, and provision of insurance services globally. HSBC bank as a company of the HSBC group is internationally recognized as a bank and a provider of financial services. It offers a stream of services related to finance and serves to diversify customers across the world in four groups of customers and worldwide business, namely commercial banking, financial services that are personal, private banking and global markets and banking. The group in general and the bank in particular, cater for a wide range of services such as commercial, personal, institutional and corporate, private banking and investment by clients. This company carries out its operation across the border in the UK, Asia, America, Africa, and in the Middle East. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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