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A career path as an administrative services manger is both a reputable and challenging. It is challenging as pertains to the responsibilities that the career commands since it entails the networking and coordination of more than one management activities…
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A Career in Administrative Services Management
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"A Career in Administrative Services Management"

In this respect, this research assignment will argue on behalf of my career path, discussing the benefits of the career to me as an individual both to my personal and also to my professional life. Consequently, the strengths, experiences, and skills that I bring to the profession hence making it logic for me will be delineated. The disadvantages of administrative services management as a career path will also be discussed and ways in which I can counter these difficulties exemplified (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010). To begin with, as an administrative services manager, this career enables me to interact with varied individuals hence enhancing my interpersonal relationship skills with other individuals. As described in the job description of an administrative services manager, I am in control of more than one activities hence evidencing that I interact with diverse people. Human relations are not free of conflict and by interacting with diversified individuals in various sectors, this career path with enhance my interpersonal relationship skills and also aid in my conflict resolution strategies. This will not only benefit my professional relationship with my colleagues but will also enhance my personal life. This therefore emulates that a career path as an administrative services manager is beneficial to not only my personal life but also to my professional life (Administrative services managers, 2004)....
This benefits my personal life since I am able to translate this especially as pertains to deadlines that I am expected to meet within a short period of time. It is therefore paramount to avow that a career path as an administrative services manager will benefit me by enabling me to make SMART objectives and meet set deadlines (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010). Strengths, Experience, Skills, or Aptitude You Bring To It That Make It a Logical Choice for You  Knowledge in a particular field determines that success of an individual in that particular path. Having pursed academic excellence in business, I have acquired diversified knowledge that will enable me to function competently as ad administrative services managers. Firstly, administration is taught in business courses hence I will have adequate knowledge on how to become a competent administrator. Also, human resource management is also taught in management, enhancing my ability to deal with the human resource as an administrative services manager. Consequently, marketing is a concept covered in business which determines that revenue a business gets from sale of products and services. I have gathered knowledge as pertains to strategic marketing, and marketing models like SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, and TQM (Total Quality Management). This illustrates that I am not pursuing a career path as an administrative services manager blindly, since I have additional knowledge in business concepts that will aid in my feasibility into the career as an administrative services manager (United States Department of Labor, 2002). Skills that I bring into my career path as an administrative services Read More
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