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Analysis the UK Government's Strategy towards Work Training and Skills in the Light of the Current Economic Downturn - Essay Example

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Author Institution Instructor Date Analysis of the UK Government’s Strategy towards Work Training and Skills In The Light Of the Current Economic Downturn Analysis of the UK Government’s Strategy towards Work Training and Skills In The Light Of the Current Economic Downturn Introduction Work trainings and skills are very important in that through acquisition of skills, knowledge and competencies specific objectives and goals are achieved by an individual, organization or a nation…
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Analysis the UK Governments Strategy towards Work Training and Skills in the Light of the Current Economic Downturn
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Extract of sample "Analysis the UK Government's Strategy towards Work Training and Skills in the Light of the Current Economic Downturn"

Download file to see previous pages This has been observed to contribute towards economic growth. This presentation attempts to look at and analyze the United Kingdom Government’s strategy towards work training and skills in the light of the current economic downturn. This entails the basic needs as aligned to work training and skills as have been focused on by the UK government as a requirement in trade, professions and general occupation (UKCES 2011: 34). It has been observed that the labour market recognizes the need to promote training beyond an individual’s novel qualifications. This work looks into such issues as well since there is a need for the nation to upgrade, maintain and update work skills in every aspect of employment so as to enhance working life in line with improving economic growth for the entire nation. The UK Government’s Strategy towards Work Training and Skills The United Kingdom’s government has in the past made strong moves and attempts to handle the potential failures in skills trainings. It has been in the forefront with a focus aimed at improving the employees, skills and knowledge and at the same time has them undergo some relevant learning. This has been considered essential following “the government’s need to achieve sustainable growth in economy since it is importance to address it other than the country’s trends in skills trainings which have remained steady” (UKCES 2009: 34). This approach by the UK’s government is a reflection of its efforts and determinations to ensure the issues on the same are addressed effectively. However, Keith (2011: 32) notes that the government has not been able to source enough funds to help contain the problem though it has got plans put up to acquire and employ relevant resources. This will help enlarge programmes for apprenticeship especially for adults while also giving out support to people who are involved in trainings especially vocational trainings. In order to realize its goals for the strategy on the basis of works training and skills, the government has formulated reforms that incorporate expansions for adult apprenticeships in order that between the years 2014 and 2015 the country may boast of having 75,000 more grounds for skills trainings other than the labour plans by the government. According to UKCES 92011:46), “this will include loans from the government which will be given to 24 year old learners during the period between the years 2013 and 2014 as well as launch a growth innovation funding programmes which is deemed to have the potential of being a total of up to ?50m”. In regard to these, the government also plans to publish its skills book so as to assist both individuals and businesses to gain the relevant skills that are important in having the country achieve an increased economic strength alongside building growth that is sustainable in as far as long-term considerations on work trainings and skills are concerned. In spite of the fact that the United Kingdom’s government has reduced the budget for further education and the expected skills, there has not been any continuation for the programmes in the protection and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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