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SWOT Analysis - Research Paper Example

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(Add (Add (Add Class Information) (Add Date) SWOT Analysis Strengths The most important strength of Camelot Counseling Centers is its good management team that is flexible enough to respond effectively to every changing situation…
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SWOT Analysis Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This practice aids the firm to ensure that its efforts bring positive results to the desired areas. In other words, combined operation would assist the firm to deliver quality care services to its clients. Camelot is located at Staten Island in New York City and the organization has counseling programs throughout the five boroughs of the New York City. The current location is a major internal strength to the organization since New York City is an important drug destination and distribution center in the United States (NC Buy). Excellent customer service also adds to the firm’s performance efficiency. It is the main reason why majority of the New York population primarily tend to opt Camelot’s services. Weaknesses Higher employee turnover rate is the most challenging weakness of the company. The employee turnover is often a costly process since the company needs to make some additional investments to train a newly appointed employee. The time taken for the employee replacement process would adversely affect the organizational productivity. Furthermore, the increased rate of employee turnover may adversely affect the corporate image of Camelot. The issue would cause the organization to lose continuity in its proposed programs. Similarly, it seems that the organization does not hire from within the firms and this strategy in turn incurs the operating expenses of Camelot. Furthermore, this practice prevents the firm from obtaining experienced employees. Lack of employee incentive is another weakness of the Camelot Counseling Centers; and this weakness often leads to employee turnover. In addition, it negatively affects employee motivation and thereby organizational productivity. Finally, since the organization does not have sufficient funds to purchase up to date equipments for employees, it seriously impinge on the operational efficiency of the Camelot. Under such circumstances, employees may be forced to work with improper equipments. Evidently, this situation often affects the quality of the services delivered. Opportunities The Camelot Counseling Centers is the only one treatment facility in the New York City that offers assistance to teenagers in their problems associated with drugs and education. In addition, there are only a few providers in the City that offer residential treatment facilities. The US official data indicate that substance abuse is becoming a threatening issue in the country, especially in megalopolis cities like New York. Hence, the city’s lifestyle offers certain potential opportunities to the organization. Another opportunity for the company is that it possesses experienced teachers and counselors on every site. This facility helps the company to extend its services to each and every corner of the city with no time lag. Studies have pointed that a drug addicted person needs continuous support until he is completely recovered from addition.. Since the organization has counselors on site, they can more closely work with the clients. Since the lab suppliers charge the same price for private insurance and Medicaid, clients can obtain improved services from Camelot at a fairly low cost. This advantage may attract more clients to the organization. Threats Recently, the Camelot Counseling Centers are losing their customers to competitors including Drug Rehab & Alcohol Addiction Treatment New York and New York City Rehab Center. Over the past few years, the organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SWOT Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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