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Customer Service - Personal Statement Example

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In customer service, representatives and customers are at different ends of the pole. On the other end is the customer, who needs something, either he was billed incorrectly or he doesn’t understand the bill or he needs to fix his modem or he wants to renew his subscription but got stuck with the order process…
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Customer Service Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "Customer Service"

Download file to see previous pages Kimberley Palmer’s article about US News’ interview with Jon Yates may help understand the point of view of the customer when they call about a problem. Customers call the customer service department because they have a problem. They cannot do something themselves and they need help. That’s the main responsibility of the customer service representative, to provide assistance to the customer. Sometimes these callers may be angry or frustrated, sometimes they are soft-spoken but that doesn’t mean they are disappointed with the service they are getting. By reading the article of Palmer, customer service departments would understand better what customers wants the most: and that is simply to be heard and understood. Sometimes there are situations wherein customer service representatives cannot help them because of company policies, or sometimes the bug was just recently discovered and the company is just in the process of fixing it. Customer service representatives may not always have the solutions to all their problems. And there are customers who accept that, given that they were able to feel that the representative was able to understand their need and made an effort to help them in any possible way they can. The article shows how important the role of a customer service representative is. He is the frontliner of the company. ...
Also, the more customers want to reach the top of the corporate ladder just to complain about a scratch on their ordered phone, the more the customer service department and quality assurance department looks bad. Why? Because this means that they weren’t able to give the customer their needs. For the quality assurance department, that is to ensure that the products are of high quality and for the customer service department, that is to ensure that an exchange or refund will be given to the customer. If the customer calls the customer service department then goes directly to the CEO, that means they had a bad customer service experience. This means they didn’t get the customer service that the company is required to give their customers. The article is an eye-opener to the customer service department. It is important that they think about the customer’s welfare. If the customer service department is able to give the service that the customer needs, then there won’t be any bad publicity or any threat to go elsewhere. As Yates advices that if you don’t get a good customer service representative then skip the customer call center and go straight to the top (Palmer, 2012). This advice just emphasizes the importance of good customer service representatives and their role in maintaining the good name and in keeping their customers. His advice to threaten to take a business elsewhere and follow through with it if the company does not respond also proves how important it is for customer service representatives to provide a good service to customers (Palmer, 2012). If the customer service representative fails to answer to the customer’s call or fail to explain to the customer why certain situations cannot be helped or fail to help the customer altogether, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Customer Service Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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