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Heart of Change - Research Paper Example

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Running head: Organizational Changes University: Date: The Heart of Change Most big companies and organizations often experience changes in their business structure and way of doing their business. Change can be defined as a transformation from an old way of doing things to a new and modernized way…
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Heart of Change Research Paper
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"Heart of Change"

Download file to see previous pages All these transformations often require change in order to serve the customers in the most efficient manner. From American Competitiveness (2012), change is not easy to accomplish by managers in the organizations, as most companies believe that change is making people think differently. They more often base their ideas on idealistic, unseen promises of reward that makes it difficult in moving people into action. People often resist change because the risk of change might be seen to be greater than the risk to remain in the same position they were as before. Making people change requires them to have faith that enables them to believe in unseen promises or developments in the company. Moreover, other people resist change because they often want to be associated with people and companies who are identified with the old way. Humans live as social species and always wish to be connected with the people or companies they are familiar with. In addition to the above the employees of companies fear change because reformers might have hidden agendas that may make them lose their jobs (Schuler 2003). Therefore, change requires competent managers who have to make people feel differently than changing their thoughts. Change therefore would be effective if it makes those to be changed see and feel the change. Companies should be heart centered rather than being mind when effecting change. Thus, winning people’s commitment to change requires managers to engage people emotionally and rationally. Companies do not well understand that emotional change goes a long way to making their workers accept the new ways of doing things in their offices. However, failure to listen to and respond to workers’ rational objections and their beliefs by organizations is a show of disrespect to them and making assumptions that the workers will be aware the importance innovative change would have to them (Costello 2012). By following the right procedure in effecting changes in an organization often boosts the morale of employees who feel that their culture is also taken care of. Forcing people to adopt certain changes is a show of lack of respect and the company would not achieve her goals by so doing. He continues to assert that managers and organizations often make mistakes in attempting to make changes. It is true that a few only companies manage in effecting change successfully unlike what happens in other organizations. Poor knowledge of how change should be done often leads to the loss of big sums of money by organizations may cause lots of pain and headache in trying to make workers believe the effectiveness of the change. With regard to this, there are steps that must be followed in trying to effect change. The first is the establishment of the need for change in the organization. As one who is articulating for reforms, the need to make the management and organization trust the need for any change is vital. Through this, the reformer gains enough cooperation. Should this be impossible, the team players would be dissatisfied and would lack a feeling of contentment for the change process. Knowing what complacency implies and coming up with proper strategies to overcoming complacency go hand in hand in establishing a sense of urgency amongst the team players. Next is the establishment of the right members in the team. Members who understand what it takes to bring about change. The members must have the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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