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Compare and Contrast the North American and European Perspectives on Competitive Balance - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date 1. Critically compare and contrast the North American and European perspectives on competitive balance in light of the professional sports organizational contexts. Illustrate your analysis with examples from both the European and North American professional Introduction Sports have become one of the world’s arena dominated by the display of extreme skills among individuals from dissimilar nations…
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Compare and Contrast the North American and European Perspectives on Competitive Balance
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Extract of sample "Compare and Contrast the North American and European Perspectives on Competitive Balance"

Download file to see previous pages A higher competitive balance would be determined if the disparity of the league presentation is minimal in relation to the perfect league (Zimbalist, 508). Most persons have made sports as their professions through which, they earn their livelihood. Europe and North America are among the regions with significant ventures in sports. Both North America and Europe tend to expose their superiority in sports, but in unique ways. The regions show outstanding approaches on different types of sports such as football, boxing, basketball and athletics. North America and Europe possess similar elements in sports that are susceptible to evaluations to allow comparison and the determination of contrasts. The comparison of the sports between the two regions incorporates the balancing of the similar aspects of their sports process. The contrasts would entail the disparities in the elements of sports and the procedures incorporated in the regional sports of North America and Europe. Sporting teams involve in a combined production during competition and the value of their results contributes to their product sold to the spectators. Sports are also unique because the predetermination of the results lowers the public’s turn up and decreases the demand. This exercise would incorporate the inclusion of credible examples to enhance the vividness of evaluated sports instances. European sports have postulated a significant dominance in one sport, the football. The football has become a source of aesthetics in the European countries such as England and Spain. Therefore, the European football has attracted many individuals from various regions of the globe. Consequently, the European football has undergone modifications in every aspect accompanied by enhanced degree of specializations. Europe possesses one of the largest markets of football kits and the football personalities. Europe has also the efficiently balanced football schedule that offers guidelines throughout the leagues throughout the sporting year (Zimbalist, 508). In contrast, the North America practices a diversified sports system in their competitions. The Americans have ensured minor disparities between different sports and activities. The North Americans have ensured proficient in other sports such as athletics, basketball, tennis and rugby. The consideration of different sports equally might attribute to better economic welfare since there are more sources of revenue to the states. The sports also exhibit different competitive balances in their performance equally. For instance, the National Basketball Association has attained two champions, the Celtics who dominated in 1959 and ten years after and the 76ers, which won thereafter. Other teams have also surfaced in the championships winnings such as the Lakers, Pockets and Pistons, bulls. This competition in basketball also shows that the North Americans engage actively in more than one sport, unlike the Europe. The European sports exhibit a significant degree of flexibility regarding the teams participating in tournaments and leagues. The European football leagues entail the pyramid system, which allows for the appreciation and depreciation of ranks of the teams basing on performance. The European leagues exist in different categories for instance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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