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E-Business Plan (Supply Chain Management, Competitive Tracking, and Conclusion) - Research Paper Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Marketing Plan 3 Target Market: 3 Marketing Mix: 3 Product: 3 Price: 4 Promotion: 4 Place: 4 Online Strategies: 5 Offline Strategies: 5 SWOT Analysis: 6 Customer Relationship Management Plan 7 Architecture Plan 9 Infrastructure Needs: 9 Infrastructure Sources: 10 Enterprise Resource Plan 11 Supply Chain Management Plan 14 Responsiveness versus Cost Efficiency: 14 Matching Supply Chain Strategy with Competitive Strategy: 14 Cost Savings and Relationships with Important Suppliers: 15 Competitive Tracking Plan 17 Tracking the Competition: 17 Competitive Intelligence: 17 Intelligence Tools: 18 Evaluation and Recordkeeping: 18 Benchmarking Best Practices: 19 C…
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E-Business Plan (Supply Chain Management, Competitive Tracking, and Conclusion)
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Extract of sample "E-Business Plan (Supply Chain Management, Competitive Tracking, and Conclusion)"

Download file to see previous pages The main geographic market being targeted by the company is that of United States of America (USA). Some of the characteristics of primary target market of Kidz-IDz are that they are caring and concerned with respect to the safety of their children and are ready to spend money in order to ensure that the children are protected and safe. At the same time, the target market of the company is ready to take part in the educational process for learning different safety precautions. Marketing Mix: One of the important elements of the marketing plans is the marketing mix or most commonly known as the 4P’s of marketing (Kotler & Armstrong, 2010). In this section the strategies of 4P’s of marketing with respect to the e-business are presented. Product: Kidz-IDz presents the parents with different options and products which can facilitate the parents in the process of keeping the children safe. Different kits offered by the company includes different identification details about the child along with the picture identity. The main kit, known as Kidz-IDz kit consists of different products like identification card with photo, medical card, fingerprinting, and several other tools (Kidz-IDz). With the help of all of these tools, parents can make sure that all essential measures are taken for the safety of the children. This product will carry all necessary information about the child and if he or she get lost somewhere or get indulge in some medical emergency, it will become easier to take life saving measures and contact the parents. Apart from this, the data and information can be converted into electronic information which can be forwarded to different institutions quickly in the case of emergency. Along with this the company allows the parents to update the data regularly in order to make sure that the data is not outdated. Price: All these safety items or tools in the Kidz-IDz kit are available at the price of $100.00. All products of the company are reasonably priced, so that most of the parents can afford the child safety products. Promotion: The company is currently promoting and marketing itself by taking part in different fundraising and charity programs. Kidz-IDz has positioned itself as the leader in the field of providing the all required information in order to keep the children safe and protected. In order to target more customers and ensuring that more and more children are protected, the company will promote itself online. For this purpose, Kidz-IDz will focus more on social media marketing and will launch the e-business with the help of TOP shelf marketing. Place: Along with the traditional brick and mortar physical store, the company will now also enter into the industry of e-commerce or e-business and launch the online store. The company will use penetrating pricing in order to increase the penetration of the product in the market. Online Strategies: In order to make sure that more and more traffic is targeted towards the website and there are more revenues, the company will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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E-Business Plan (Supply Chain Management, Competitive Tracking, and Research Paper.
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