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How do Quality Framework Apply to Service Oriented Businesses: The Case of Mandarin Restaurant - Dissertation Example

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1 INTRODUCTION When we talk about businesses involved in trading of products, we generally categorize these products into two categories; tangible and intangible. Tangible means something that we can touch e.g. soap or a candy etc. On the other hand, intangible means services e.g…
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How do Quality Framework Apply to Service Oriented Businesses: The Case of Mandarin Restaurant
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Extract of sample "How do Quality Framework Apply to Service Oriented Businesses: The Case of Mandarin Restaurant"

Download file to see previous pages According to Greasley (2008, p. 3), “operation management is about the management of the processes that produce or deliver goods and services”. All organizations do not have a separate operations department but since every organization produces goods and services, it will always undertake the operation activities for management purpose (Greasley 2008). Previously, operations management was mainly associated with manufacturing field however as the scope of service industry grew and as it started contributing more to the industrialized economies operations management activities started becoming important for service oriented businesses as well (Greasley 2008). Johnston (1999, p. 104) highlights that it is in 1980’s when services have become a focus point in operations management and prior to that operations management field is only restricted to manufacturing industry. A new term i.e. service operations management is introduced and a new field emerged to cater for the operational needs of service oriented businesses. Service operations management specifically is concerned with how services are delivered to the customers or users. It involves understanding what the customers want, managing process of delivering the service, making sure that the organization’s objectives are met while continuously trying to improve the services offered (Johnston and Clark 2007, p. 24). Given the growing importance of operations management in service industry this research seeks to explore quality framework for service oriented businesses by taking a case study approach. The case studied in this study is Mandarin restaurant which is one of the leading Chinese Restaurants operating in Nottingham for more than a decade now. In addition to this it has been one of the top most among all the other Chinese restaurants catering to both Chinese and Western clientele. The research for this dissertation is based on the responses received from structured interview conducted via email from restaurant manager and 10 employees of the restaurant. Apart from this, analysis was done on the basis of observations made at the restaurant. Since interview had open ended questions in it, analysis is qualitative where the researcher has interpreted the findings from interview and observation and conclusions are drawn based on primary findings and the literature. 1.1 Background and Context The ultimate aim of service operations management is customer satisfaction via offering quality services (Arora 2004, p. 654). Offering quality is becoming extremely important for service oriented businesses and hence is the reason it is important managers understand how to manage and constantly improve quality. Pfeifer (2002, p. 4) points out that quality management today is dramatically different from what it was a few decades ago. He points that very less percentage of the dissatisfied customers will go to the point of reporting and communicating why they are dissatisfied. Maximum number of customers will never come back and will also share their grievances with other potential customers. Quality and more importantly quality management is slowly becoming the most critical factor where the survival of businesses is concerned. Quality management is not just an individual approach, rather it is spread throughout the organization no matter how small or big the organization is (Chary 2009). This approach aids in understanding what customers want. It does not just ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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