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Running head: Communication on Progress Communication on Progress [Institution’s Name] China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) Initially the Sinopec report talks about their tagline of ‘making each drop count’ promise. They say that it talks about giving the full value to the final customer by making an efficient management framework…
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Communication on Progress
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Running head: Communication on Progress Communication on Progress s China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (SINOPEC) Initially the Sinopec report talks about their tagline of ‘making each drop count’ promise. They say that it talks about giving the full value to the final customer by making an efficient management framework. They have taken their slogan one step further by developing their social responsibility tagline on the basis of “making every drop count” as the theme. They analyzed the impact of their actions on the environment, and their stakeholders and focused on six core areas that were energy supply, customer services, social welfare, climate change, HSE and employee development. By doing this they have implemented the CSR activities caring for the environment, resources, economy and their own business operations. They are doing this through generating an annual report every year on the type and effect of their CSR activities, by training their employees through conferences and internal audio visual trainings and by going to universities and giving lectures there. They also host the visit by journalists and explain them how they carry out their work. All of these activities provide them great strength as they have evidence to support their service and can have a loyal customer base The strengths of the business has been clearly thought over and worked upon as they realize that it is imperative for a loyal customer base in the long run. They have also taken into consideration the long-term effect of their actions on the economy, the environment and their own resources. They focus on developing new ways of management and R&D so as to provide maximum benefits to the consumers. They also offer a wide variety of products and they are dedicated to developing more technology driven products so as to serve the unique needs of their different customers such as the aircraft, aviation and the high speed railway. Another thing they put major focus on is the marketing and distribution as they believe that logistics is the key to meeting customer needs and they have developed a wide network just for this by increasing their capacity and by improving its adaptability to process heavy and low crude oil and thus developing a good sales network. They also provide value added services by having drive thru restaurants, auto service, ticket service, lottery and payment for household electricity bills. Another major highlight of Sinopec is its fuel card which provides a lot of ease to the customers by giving rapid filling, easy to use and account management for the customers. They also focus on providing sufficient supplies in the peak summer season when the demand has risen and farmers need oil for their tractors and other areas to harvest, plant and carry out the field management activities. With the rising demand and the decreasing supply of oil Sinopec works harder than ever to deliver to its customer needs by maximizing the refinery utilization, squeezing exports and increasing imports of the diesel and stepping up the logistics services. Another thing that Sinopec feels is contributing to its good brand equity is that none of its employee’s compromise on the quality of the oil provided and it is a major source of competitive advantage. Environment sustainability and the go green slogan is consistently followed by the company. By adhering to certain values and roles they have reduced the number of accidents, improved relation with the government and reduced the corporate cost of doing the business. They have also focused on the safe production as to value the lives of those who work for them. They carry out inspection rounds and correct the errors on the operations on the way by taking immediate action. They have rehearsals at proper collaborating the time in case of emergencies. The green operation as they like to call it aims at the sustainability of the human race so they emphasize on the clean production of the diesel oil and other lubricants and also emphasized on the production of cleaner and safer environmental products. Some of the technologies used were the hydro desulfurization and hydro dearomatics that are used to produce cleaner products. As the world is going towards a global warming phenomenon climate change is a major issue for the entire humankind and therefore the aim is to produce low carbon techniques and low carbon energy consumption techniques. Sinopec has invested 29.1 billion on energy saving and consumption cutting. Sinopec’s initiative does not only stay towards the environment only but it gives considerable attention to its employees too. Particular attention is given to employee rights and help is given in development of careers. Committed, honest and diligent employees are valued in the organization that in return gets a lot of opportunities of personal and professional development. Not only the rights of the employees are fully given but also the health of the people is given attention to. The monitoring of occupational hazards is done on a regular basis and necessary precautions are then taken to see this. Corporate culture is given a lot of importance in the organization and all the people are required to follow it. These are the values and norms of the company and how the work is done in companies. Painting exhibitions, music competitions are held to keep the team spirit alive. Retired people are also cared for by giving them pensions and caring for them, recognizing their hard work and giving them respect. Other places where Sinopec plays a vital role is the development of community work, aiding disaster struck areas and helping people come back to life. However Sinopec is in a dangerous business that is the lubricant business, regardless of all the safety precautions they take, the amount of pollution given by the petroleum industry is the maximum and is leading to rapid global warming and extinction of animal life. Read More
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Communication on Progress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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