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Building a Coffee Shop - Research Paper Example

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Building a Coffee Shop Name University Building a Coffee Shop I have selected Coffee Shop as the small business which I plan to initiate. I intend to build a coffee shop that would directly compete with the other coffee shops in the market. In order to accomplish my goal, I have devised a comprehensive strategy which would cover all the areas of my small business and ensure that it turns out to be a successful one…
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Building a Coffee Shop
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Download file to see previous pages I have decided to add innovation in the customer services section by building an isolated area in my Coffee Shop where the customers could not only relax but also study as I would be making study material including newspapers and magazines available for them. In this way, the customers would not only enjoy the coffee of my shop, but will also be impressed by the services; thereby exhibiting the high value, which the shop places in them. In today’s world, Marketing is one of the most important determinants for a business’ success. For my Coffee Shop, I would be developing a small but skilful team which would market and advertise my shop extensively at all platforms. Marketing would not only be done through conventional methods such as pamphlets, brochures and newspapers, but modern day techniques such as Internet advertising would also be employed. Today, social networking websites have become a significant part of the society’s life; and my marketing plan intends to utilize this factor by publicizing my shop through it. In order to gain an edge over the competitors, my team would attempt to reach as many people as possible by personally visiting the houses in the town and informing people about the new Coffee Shop. As far as the area of Human Resources is concerned, my policy for Human Resources is a very broad one, which completely adheres to the federal and state laws pertaining to employment. Though, I would refrain from hiring people of less than eighteen years of age at my shop, however, if ever the need arises, I would ensure that while employing students and teenagers, there is compliance with the child labour regulations and ordinances. Furthermore, to compete with the other Coffee Shops, my shop would not only hire a diverse workforce on the basis of caste, colour, creed and race; but diversity will also be enforced by hiring people with disabilities, thereby, enhancing the reputation of my shop in the social circles. At the same time, such measures would also qualify my shop for tax credits. Technology would be utilized by my Coffee Shop to a great extent by making use of computers for maintaining records and conducting other important activities related to the shop. Moreover, in order to remain competitive in the market, I would be providing my customers with the latest Wi-Fi technology in the shop through which they could access internet. It would also give a stylish look to my business, in that way, attracting customers and challenging competitors. Therefore, my strategy is quite comprehensive with the rationale to make my Coffee Shop a successful one which would give tough competition to all the other Coffee Shops in the town ("SBA," n.d.). I aim to open my own Coffee Shop instead of buying an existing one as I have always admired the concept of entrepreneurship and wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. Establishing my own Coffee Shop would provide me with an opportunity to fulfil my dreams and develop my shop according to my own will. Consequently, this would enable me to bring in my own innovations while constructing the shop; such as designing the interior, seating arrangements, isolated studying area, reception centre and other activities related to the overall structure of the shop. Moreove ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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