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Corporate Culture and Performance - Assignment Example

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This paper focuses on business culture as of how an organization copes with the problems from the external and internal environment and together come up with solutions. The organization that the author worked for makes beverages and is a fast-moving consumer goods company…
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Corporate Culture and Performance
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Extract of sample "Corporate Culture and Performance"

Download file to see previous pages The present paper has identified that values also control how the different stakeholders of a company interact with each other and how they think and feel about the problems of each other as well as of the entire organization. Culture is variable and can change as per the wishes of its managers or key members. The organization in which I have previously worked is “ACME” its organizational structure is based on the vertical functional approach. Hence proving that people in departments are grouped according to their skills, expertise and resource use. This is the most basic form of organizational structure which works for the company and helps them achieve greater efficiency through economies of scale. “ACME” has a tall structure and comparatively a narrow span of control which means that the overall management has been spread along the same level. It has five major departments. 1. Human capital 2. Production 3. Industrial relations 4. Sales and marketing 5. Finance and accounting Human capital department are basically responsible for hiring capable workers who match the kind of work profile required. It also deals with providing the employees the benefits, perks, and privileges so that they remain satisfied with the company and remain loyal to it. it also makes an effort to train employees so that they fit the criteria of the newly developing procedures in the company. The human capital department also puts forward the amount of pay and financial resources to be spent on training and so on to the finance department which is then approved by them. The production department is responsible for the overall production of the product. Because ACME is a multinational company, the production facilities are distributed amongst various countries so as to cut the costs. Bottles are usually manufactured in Singapore and delivered across the globe. There are a total of 8 plants in different parts of the country. They are located comparatively close to the major markets like and the central hubs so as to reduce the transportation costs. The industrial relations department is responsible for handling the problems related to the employees. As such problems in the country can have a major impact on the overall production of the company. This includes the problems to deal with labor unions, strikes, and wage issues. Basically, it deals with the problems related to industry so that the production process runs smoothly and more efficiently. The sales and marketing department deals with making the product available in the market and letting people know about it through advertising. It also deals with promotional deals, price cut offers and analyzing the competition from the competitors in the market and responding accordingly. The department also is responsible for making the product or ads culturally sensitive so as to fit in the environment of the country. For example, reducing the price during the festivities season so that its available to more people and hence increase sales. The finance and accounting department deals with actual pricing of the product and also on the working out of the cost of production.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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