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Team Working and Team Leadership are just 'idealised' managerial and orthodox OB textbooks aspirations - Essay Example

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Team Working and Team Leadership are just ‘idealized’ managerial and orthodox OB textbooks aspirations. What, in reality, management end up with are work groups and frustrated group leaders. Critically discuss this statement with examples drawn from your own experiences of work and/or from reviews of academic case studies on team working and team leadership…
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Team Working and Team Leadership are just idealised managerial and orthodox OB textbooks aspirations
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Extract of sample "Team Working and Team Leadership are just 'idealised' managerial and orthodox OB textbooks aspirations"

Download file to see previous pages 16). According to Mullins in Original Emphasis, leadership is defined as ‘a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people.’ Mainly, there are two schools for the leadership, while one states that “good leaders are made not born” and the other states that “good leaders are born not made.” The two schools have their own supporting cases to claim that they are right. But in any situation the most important element of leadership is communication. Proper communication through any mode between leader and followers will make the process easy. The leadership is a quality achieved by desire and willpower. Endless process of self-study, education, training and experience is necessary for effective leadership. Here is one best example from an academic review about effective leadership. It states that “leader should primarily work through and with other people. In addition, effective leader should also help in establishing the conditions that enable their subordinates to be motivated and effective part of the organisation and the society. Aside from this, it can also be said that an effective leader should also credible. Credibility should always be considered as the foundation of leadership. A leader should be credible for him to lead. Furthermore, to become a good leader, one must be honest, competent, aspiring and have the quality of having forward-looking approach. In line with the political and business view, effective leadership proves to be quite beneficial. Effective leaders aids in efficiently meeting job-related demands. In addition, it also helps in creating higher-performing teams, as well as fostering renewed loyalty and commitment among the subordinates. However, this so-called effective leadership is not that easy to achieve. Effective leaders entail a lot of hard work, dedication, and other factors to mould an individual to become an efficient leader and to become a greater part of the success of the organisation” (Leadership Case Problem – Latham’s Leadership Lessons Leadership & Management 2011). Some leaders are getting best results from their team members or from the followers while some of them getting poor efforts. This is happening not only because of the poor employee skills, different kinds of leadership techniques and styles also have a part in it. These are the all things that we can understand from the orthodox text book aspiration of the Organizational Behavior Studies. But in reality, the management is always ends up with dissatisfied work groups and frustrated team leaders. Problems in Team Working: The main reason behind this is individual dysfunctional conflicts which decrease the creativity as well as productivity of the company. Working under poor leadership can be too frustrating and intimidating. If the team members are not confident about their leader what they should do? Certainly they will not be motivated or inspired by the leader’s activity. The important dysfunctional activities found in corporate are defensiveness, reluctance, romantic idealism, loss of confidence and disrespect. Some other problems in Team work are, Self Centeredness: Self centeredness is nothing but selfishness. These people always think about themselves only and that damages the interest of team. The solution for this problem is selflessness. The solution is not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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