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Marketing of Company Revive Gum that Removes Stress - Essay Example

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This essay describes Revive Gum as a way to remove stress. This paper outlines the role of stress in society, buyer's needs, functional, social and emotional value; and the consumer market…
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Marketing of Company Revive Gum that Removes Stress
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Extract of sample "Marketing of Company Revive Gum that Removes Stress"

Download file to see previous pages Products such as energy drinks and vitamins have become a popular commodity amongst consumers. Moreover, the features of our product extended far beyond just the traditional needs of the customer. The innovation of making a product that not only is packed with energy boosting supplements such as L-Carnitine, treated for failing memory, Echinacea, proven to improve immune system response, ginseng, but would also whiten teeth. The gum industry according to studies is also a huge market accumulating for 60% of the market share and is estimated to be worth $19 billion in sales. Also, gum is such a cheap commodity that is purchased by every demographic group from children to senior citizens. Hence, the group decided that this would be a great market to enter in. Revive, is an innovative gum product that is scientifically proven to reduce stress in everyday basis. Revive uses all natural vitamins and ingredients that are proven to enhance memory, diminish stress, and enable the person to achieve unbelievable focus. Revive uses key vitals ingredients such as B12, B-6, L-Arginine that energizes the nervous system. Revive also uses all natural ingredients such as Fluoride and Calcium to whiten teeth. Revive is the only product in the market possesses all these features. One of the major problems identified in today’s society is the fact that people are engaged in activities that produce stress. Our study proved that around 70% of the population was heavily involved in stress-related activities. Clearly, a solution was needed to resolve that particular problem. Furthermore, research showed that people admitted that they are a better person as far as coping with stress is concerned. In addition, 60% of the people approved that dealing with stress in a natural way gives them a positive direction in life. Most people also reported feeling weak and lethargic when faced with stress. Clearly, people wanted to feel better and live better, which became a critical component in developing our product. Hence, as smart marketers, we decided it was a smart idea to create a product that not only whitens teeth but also acts as a stress reliever. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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