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Business Enterprise and Cultural Enrichment - Essay Example

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Business Enterprise and Cultural Enrichment Name: Institution: Business Enterprise and Cultural Enrichment A business enterprise is an organization that is undertaking an activity, aimed at making profits through selling goods or services to customers. The buying habit of capital and services among the customers usually depends on culture and tradition as well as the needs of customers…
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Business Enterprise and Cultural Enrichment
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Download file to see previous pages A number of impacts are realized when businesses participate in the championing of beneficial and beneficial cultural practices. Cultural enrichment influences positively on the growth of the business if the business offers its best with regard to the cultures of its surrounding. However, not all cultures practiced in the surrounding of business premises will create an enabling environment. Managers and other senior personnel should investigate and re-evaluate the implications of a single cultural practice before arriving at decisions of determining whether resources of the business are to be used in popularizing and sensitizing clients concerning the culture (Schumacher, 2011). Cultures that communicate information, which dissuades people from consuming certain brands constituting the business’ stock, should be avoided since their effects are counterproductive. If such cultures are popularized, the business will realize loses that may put the enterprises’ future in higher risks that may lead to closure, relocation, or even retrenchment some of its workers (Schumacher, 2011). A business enterprise can input towards improving and retaining certain cultures in many ways. For instance, through carrying out campaigns geared towards instilling public awareness. This can be done by public address systems mounted on vehicles that go around imparting information into the people. On these vehicles, renowned cultural icons (traditional artists) must be given top priority to talk to the public about the business and the need for culture and its existence (Schumacher, 2011). Additionally, the business can contribute to cultural growth by selling of music enriched with the sounds from cultural, musical instruments. Businesses like those of fashioning designing should sell garments that do not discriminate the culture of the people. For example, a business selling clothing in a region where scarves make the order of the day should include this in their stock. Projects geared towards improving and enriching the culture of the people should be investigated by the business so as to identify with the achievements brought to the people by such programs. The business should also contribute intensively to the planting of crops that are used to praise and adore the lord almighty for instance. The business can also come up with laws that do not discriminate workers. Such laws should be consistence with the people’s cultural practices, and they should also create a homely working environment by boosting performance and other merits in the duties and assignments to be accomplished (Schumacher, 2011). Performances of the employees are directly influenced by the kind of working environment created by their employers or organizations; hence it is the obligation of the business to meet employees’ needs. Besides other requirements, employees deserve rules that are friendly to their cultural practices in order for them to deliver accordingly. The approach towards work can be compromised if the employee has to sacrifice many of his cultural practices for the sake of work. Society has other ceremonies that call for the participation of every person who is part of it. On such days, the business is compelled to disobeying the demands of the community; otherwise, it might experience a reduction in sales (Schumacher, 2011). Some cultures determine or dictate how a business enterprise within them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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