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Recommendation to the President of the United States - Assignment Example

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Recommendation to the President of the United States Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Recommendation to the President of the United States In any organization, training and development is paramount for many reasons. On that note, we can define training and development as equipping workers with skills for gaining efficiency in performance and handling clients…
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Recommendation to the President of the United States
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Extract of sample "Recommendation to the President of the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Alternatively, this recommendation report tries to convince the President of United States to acknowledge training and development as profitable strategy of saving companies (Moskowitz, 2008). Furthermore, this recommendation is meant to appeal to the President in assisting small and medium companies without enough finances to train their workers. Finally, the recommendation report attempts to convince the American President on influencing companies to embrace training and development as technique of not only increasing the GDP of corporations but saving jobs. This will helps families weighed down by effects of recession to afford their essential needs despite hard times. The training and development field is comprised of a number of issues that this paper will attempt to explore. For instance, in other terms, it is referred to as human resource development or learning development and it pertains to activities of the organization that target at improving the performance of the worker. Additionally, the performance may include those of groups within the company through the use of varying methods of training. On that note, training and development comprises of three major activities and they entail training, education, and development. Therefore, when we consider training it means an evaluation conducted upon and against the current job that a person holds in a given company. On the other hand, education suggests an activity based the job that a person may have a chance of attaining in the future and the analysis is conducted against those opportunities. Similarly, the two activities may not function without development. This involves critical analysis conducted by the company that employs the person concerning his activities and the activities that may be taken by person in future. On that note, most Human Resource Managers concur that it is an aspect of training and development that is hard to analyze. Furthermore, in training and development, there are stakeholders who have equally crucial roles in the progress of an organization in terms of its employees. These people include senior managers who act as the sponsors of training and development. On the other hand, business planners involve clients or customers of training and development. In addition, those who experience the process of training and development are called participants. Others include facilitators who are key in nay firm include the staff of HRM and specialists in the field called providers. On that perspective, these mentioned groups always have varying views concerning their motivations and agendas hence creating divergence with group with opposing views. Furthermore, in the training and development field there have been both traditional and modern approaches. In the traditional approach, many companies did not encourage training for its workers and managers. On that account, the belief held that managers are not naturally born and not made. Other critics opposed to training claim the high expense is worth for a company. Alternatively, companies would apply the technique of executive pinching. However, when it comes to modern approach, organizations are encouraging corporate training and development to save cost and retain its workforce. Furthermore, training and developing the workforce enables the organization to have a smart workforce that is able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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